Game of the Year 2020: Death Stranding

Truly no game encapsulated 2020 better than Kojima's journey to reconnect the world.

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Lionsguard109d ago

The story was a self-mastabatory, overstuffed symbolism circle jerk with no sense of nuance whatsoever but the gameplay was excellent. I wasn't expecting to have actually finished it when I rented it but it was very satisfying making deliveries.

cooperdnizzle109d ago

Ehhhj every director does that’s short of thing once in their career! And if you have been making games for 30 years I think you should be able to make a project you want to make and have some fun with it.

I’m sure you know all about that though, and are a massive creator yourself. Can’t wait for you next project Hahahah lol.

Lionsguard108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Your argument is a fallacy, I can't remember what it's called but just because I'm not a game creator, doesn't make my argument any less valid. Also, just because you've been making games for however long, also doesn't mean shit as well. Like I said, the gameplay was excellent but Kojima being Kojima, he let the story run wild and it ended up being something that thinks it's way smarter than it is or deserves to be. It honestly came off as if Kojima took went to a symbolism 101 class sat down for the first 15 minutes and gave himself a diploma. This is why Konami had to have people (Producers) to reign him in and say "no" because they guy doesn't know when to stop. It's just a hodge-podge of eye-rolling wall to wall symbolism so edgelords like yourself can think you're so deep but in reality, you're sitting a kiddy pool filled with Kojima's crap.

Let the downvotes commence.

1nsomniac108d ago


*stands up and slowly applauds* - thank you, at last someone who’s willing to be honest with themselves.

I was looking forward to seeing what an unconstrained Kojima could do as much as the next guy but let’s face it, the guys so far up his own arse he can’t help producing shit.

RememberThe357108d ago

Aggressive wordy haters... You two care way too much about your own opinions 😂

cooperdnizzle108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Wait you just said just because you have been making games forever doesn’t mean shit. It obviously means something. You just make up your own rules dude! And yes you can have a valid point not being a creator, but I can show you creator after creator doing exactly what Hideo did with DS. Once again I’ll say it. You should be able to make what you want to make once you have reached the top of your profession at least once. Musicians do it, writers do it! Film makers do it. And that is just a fact. You are not making any points other than what YOU “think”. Which is just a cop out.

And is it Symbolism when they point it out to you? Maybe you have some preconceived notations of what the game should have been In your eyes but it doesn’t make you any more entitled or correct about what the game was or is.

I thought the story was just fine. Better than what most games come up with now days. But you are probably just way way smarter than most so it was just not on your level.

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cooperdnizzle109d ago

This game was seriously underrated and over looked. I loved it and thought I was awesome! Plus he made a hole new travels mechanic they will be used in games going into the future! And he kinda predicted some Covid if ya asks me lol hahah.

goldwyncq109d ago

Underrated how? People gave it 9s and 10s even though the gameplay loop is extremely repetitive just because of the man behind it. If Ubisoft made a game exactly like this they would be crucified.

Sciurus_vulgaris109d ago

There were a lot of reviewers that gave high scores to Death Stranding despite criticizing its gameplay and pacing. It’s almost like some critics just gave the game free and extra praise for being made by Kojima.

RgR109d ago

Honest gamers don't give two shits about who is behind the game. They either enjoy it or they don't.

I personally don't care about who is behind any of the games I play and enjoy.

Ubisoft does make games very similar only shallower. Please don't tell me the assassin's creed combat loop isn't repetitive... what entry are we on?

Chocoburger108d ago

Ubisoft couldn't make a game as good as Death Stranding even if the livelihood of all their employees were on the line. So no worries about them being 'crucified' by reviewers / gamers.

XxINFERNUSxX109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Not my choice, I did not like the game at all. I like Kojima but this walking simulator is not for me. For me personally Doom Eternal was my choice on PC.

franwex109d ago

Super boring game. I really enjoy Kojima games too besides MGS. Well, I guess the other Kojima games I have played are ZOE games. I didn’t get a chance to play Boktai or anything on the Sega CD.

Sayai jin109d ago

Exactly. Some people gave him a free pass because he is Kojima.

RazzerRedux109d ago

Unless they explicitly said that, you are just making assumptions on the motivations of others and precluding the possibility that some may just like something you don't.

Sayai jin108d ago

Who are you referring to as they? I played it and it felt like a chore to complete. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Kojima's productions . My son and a few friends enjoyed it albeit at different levels of enjoyment. I asked the people I speak of what am I missing. I didn't receive an answer. So I asked them if they were excited about the game, because of Kojima. I know personally I was. They all answered yes. I followed, by asking if they thought that spilled over into enjoying it more because it was from Kojima. In other words, would they have given the same light on this game if it were created by someone else, less well-known. The answer was yes. A few told me they had to play through it, because it was Kojima and they were waiting for it to get better. This is anecdotal, as this was my personal experience. Hence I stated some people.

So you are absolutely incorrect. I am not making assumptions as you assumed to. Which is rather ironic.
Also, the fact that people like something that others do not is a given. I was surprised that this game was underwhelming to me. This is why I had to ask, maybe I missing something.

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