NVIDIA GeForce RTX3080 benchmarked in the 17 most demanding PC games

DSOGaming writes: "Today, it's time to benchmark the NVIDIA GeForce RTX3080 in the 17 most demanding PC games."

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Psychotica57d ago

Too bad people can’t actually buy one..

phoenixwing57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

you're not wrong, it was a crazy year last year for gpu's and probably won't get fixed for some months

ProjectVulcan57d ago

Expect the shortages to last another 3 months at most and a raft of new models will fill out the lineups for PC gaming to accelerate ahead

--Onilink--57d ago

Probably more than 3 months, the problem with GPUs as opposed to consoles is crypto mining.

Scalpers usually lose interest once resale prices start going down but there is always demand for miners

CaptainHenry91657d ago

It's going to be the same for the RTX 3080TI

JustTheFax57d ago

I was able to get 3...use to keep track of them

vTuro2457d ago

Truth. I don't even care about the benchmarks anymore. There is literally not a single 3070 or 3080 in stock where I'm from.

Zombieburger63856d ago

We are in the middle of a pandemic. Stop crying over a luxury used for gaming.

Psychotica56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

And people are starving around the world and always have been so should we never live our lives because of it?

anubusgold56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

You could buy them day one but newegg rips you off on shipping even in the US. I had a 3080 in my cart but after tax and neweggs expensive shipping it went from 699 to 850 dollars i knew i was being ripped off because no way shipping should be 50 dollars in the US with no insurance so i canceled the order. Actually it was more than that because newegg always takes away the cheap shipping option on high demand items. After tax the order for the 3080 i was buying was 776 dollars the rest was newegg shipping fees thats a bunch of BS and thats why i canceled the order.

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phoenixwing57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

For a few months when i bought the 2070 super in april i felt like i was close to cutting edge, now I'm mid tier at best lol

Edit: Don't regret my purchase though would have been hell to get a 2070 super later on

instantstupor56d ago

At least you can use some of the fancy RT and DLSS tech. I'm still stuck on my GTX 1080, so you've got me beat at least!
Rambly bit!

And when I upgrade, I'm still not gonna have "cutting edge" money. The GTX 1080 put me close back in the day, but I'll likely be getting an RTX 3060Ti once those finally become available. Been in the queue on EVGA's site since 12/1 for it - still no notify sent :-(. Sooner I can get one, the sooner I can sell my 1080. Once the newer RTX cards are no longer supply constrained, the 2nd hand market for old cards like mine will have to crumble. It's crazy how much I could get for my 1080 right now lol.

darksky57d ago

Still can't achieve 4K 60fps is most of the games lol. I'm staying at 1440P 165Hz for another 3 gens it looks like.

Piggeroni57d ago

that is the only way your gonna get at or near 100fps. i would say 90fps or slightly above is the sweet spot because that is 11 miliseconds whereas 60fps is 16.6 and 120 is 8. 240fps is 4. Point is you only need 30fps from 60 to 90 for that gain which is noticeable.

1440p will be the sweet spot for at least another couple of GPU generations for demanding games i would say.

sagapo57d ago

I agree. When playing on a 27” screen (or smaller) 4K feels like overkill. The hit on perfomance compared to 1440p isn’t worth it imho, especially when using raytracing.

anubusgold55d ago

Yep i just bought 7 months ago a 1440P 165hrz monitor Its IPS, It has HDR 10 it has a 1ms response time thats all i need my games look great and they dont run like crap like 4k. You can do all the tricks you want to get a fake 4k but you take too much of a frame rate hit that i dont want.

Espangerish57d ago

As an owner of an OC 2080ti this confirms what I already suspected. There isnt enough of a performance boost to justify upgrading to a 3080 and the 3090 is way too expensive for what it delivers in gaming.

Conclusion, wait for the 3080ti.

Psychotica57d ago

Yeah I think if I had your card I would wait too. I am trying to upgrade from a 1080Ti so a 3080Ti will be worth it if I can ever get one when it comes out.

jonivtec57d ago

Im playing at 3840x1600....ultrawide monitor...i do think its a perfect resolution....require less power than 4k...still nice detailed image...and once you try wont go back;)

annoyedgamer57d ago

I have that but it can cause headaches if the motion is jerky.

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