TSSZ: Are reviewers out of touch with Sonic Unleashed?

Are reviewers treating Sonic Unleashed unfairly?

Tristan Oliver writes "When it became evident that the mainstream gaming media–the places where millions go to get a more concrete verdict on anything from Halo to Mario, wasn't going to take too kindly to Sonic Unleashed, serious division began to split certain factions of the Sonic community. It wasn't over the game itself, however; it was over whether they would truly believe what they were hearing"

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kapedkrusader5047d ago of lately unless the game is near perfect it gets heavily critized without consideration towards the games genre or entertainment value. Its a black and white mentality of, if its not fun for all , its not fun for none.

Vespertine5047d ago (Edited 5047d ago )

I completely agree.

I don't buy games based on reviews anyway, I got this game and all of the reviews are bad. :)