These 9 Things Will Totally Happen In Gaming In 2021 (Maybe)

GS: "The year is nearly over, which means it's time to put on our prediction caps and guess what 2021 holds in store!"

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Sniperwithacause67d ago

Will totally, then you say maybe!?
Get outta here

67d ago
Ausbo66d ago

“Stadia will find its footing”


Zodiac66d ago

Stadia has been working really damn well for me. I’m still in my free 3 months, but with a wired connection, it’s pretty flawless. I also tried playing Doom 2016 through Safari on my iPad and it definitely had dips, but I see potential there. If they can stabilize it more, that would be pretty big for phones with an unlimited data plan and a phone controller or something.

Also, Lara Craft Guadian of Light is only available on Stadia. I didn’t see it on Xbox or PS store, they only have Temple of Osiris which is weird.