She Will Punish Them Gameplay & Customization from Dec 29th Build

CG writes: The game has come a long way since we first looked at it back in April this year. Developer, L2 Games has practically overhauled everything since then and still looks to improve this action hack n slasher game. She Will Punish Them, won’t break the bank on PC via Steam but is certainly going to appeal to those who like to customize models. The action part of the game still needs some work though.

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darklaw883d ago

Seriously? What does this game want to be? A dress up your girl in slinky attire or a monster fighting rpg? The two do not fit together. Your hook here is the half naked girls, the fighting, movement and animation, level design, and collision detection is sub-par. The novelty ladies on here will get boring quickly as the rest of the game lacks substance.

annoyedgamer883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

The female form? Cover it up so we can get back to killing!

The game needs work but they can fix it over time.

annoyedgamer883d ago

How much millions (billions?) go into the other type of pandering vs this indie project...

Ristul882d ago

Congratulations Edgelordsupreme, you win 10 internet points for standing up for what is decent and right. 😂👍

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882d ago
rataranian882d ago

Play any korean games lately?

xTonyMontana883d ago

She can punish me whenever she wants

moriarty1889883d ago

very nice way of being punished.

Ol_Boy883d ago

And here I was thinking this was going to be a game about a succubus and bdsm lol.

SDuck883d ago

good to see I'm not the only dirty minded here

Fluke_Skywalker883d ago

Game looks a bit weak, but I still want to play it 🤔

ChrisW882d ago

It's still in early access, so hopefully things will get "fleshed" out. :P
But it's only $10 on Steam, so why not support them?

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