Grand Theft Auto IV made a huge $2 billion in sales revenues

Derek writes: GTA IV managed to generate $2 billion in worldwide sales in its heyday, but it doesn't hold a candle to GTA V's juggernaut earnings.

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TheExecutioner128d ago

this explains why their servers are still running for this game

Michiel1989128d ago

servers arent that expensive to run, especially when they are low population. I still play guild wars 1 every now and then which was released in 2005

xTonyMontana128d ago

The servers for that are still open? Damn I'll have to try and find my old account, that game was great back in the day.

Michiel1989128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

yeah man ^^ although they arent that populated anymore obviously. I think during festivals a lot of people come back (winter and lunar new year or something). There were about 3 full Kamadan districts on US servers at those times.

it was awesome back in the day yeah, besides the stiff movement I really love the game still.

Vandamme21128d ago

My favorite grand theft auto game. I love this game.

zumlauf14128d ago

interesting..probably the first time ive ever heard someone say that. To each their own! My least favorite GTA. Funny how the world works.

Shane Kim128d ago

Same for me. Vice City is still the best imo. I hope for a full remake sometimes.

YodaCracker128d ago

It is the highest rated GTA on Metacritic, after all.

roadkillers128d ago

Niko, I'm so glad your here. Welcome to America!

EazyC128d ago

It was a lot more interesting than GTA V, it actually felt like it was aimed at adults, not die to violence but the themes explored and general tone.

rlow1128d ago

It's amazing the longevity of this game. When they release it on the new consoles. The game will have spanned three generations of consoles. Crazy

TheColbertinator128d ago

The Lost and Damned was a good DLC addition.

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