Doom: From the Perspective of Someone Who Has Never Played Doom

Doom is a historic game for so many reasons. It has shaped the first-person shooter genre that dominates the gaming market today,

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Magog206d ago

Didn't like the shotgun. Keeps complaining it didn't have a story. This guy really doesn't get Doom at all. In my day we used our imaginations to fill in the story!

Rebel_Scum206d ago

Most PC games embellished their story in manuals. The writer must be too young to know perhaps?

Another complaint he had that I disagree with was what he says about the par time. If he did some research he wouldve found that those were the times set by John Romero to challenge other players for speed runs. Its not meant to be literally a “par” time for a normal playthrough.

Popsicle205d ago

Honestly one didn’t grow up during this time of gaming you can’t expect them to get. Due to hardware limitations much was left to the imagination when it came to story. It was gameplay or nothing in those days.

203d ago