Age of Empires IV is in a Fully Playable State, Focus is Now on Balance and Polish

Nathan Birch writes, "When will fans finally be able to play Age of Empires IV? It sounds like the game may be closer than you might think!"

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phoenixwing66d ago

I'll pick up a copy if it reviews well for pc

Dabigsiebowski66d ago

Of course. RTS is pretty much dead at this point so I hope to god they take enough time to polish it and make it more along the lines of aoe2 just more up to snuff

phoenixwing66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

if they rush it there's no point in buying it. I grew up only playing 3 rts series warcraft/red alert/ and aoe. So if it's lackluster I'm going to notice.

cyclindk65d ago

With all the game sales going on I’ve been doing a lot of game foraging and came across the existence of this title but could find no info on release! This is exciting news, just what I was looking for.

Iron Harvest is spectacular, but does not scratch the base-building itch I have.

XbladeTeddy65d ago

I hope this turns out good, the RTS genre needs to come back. Turn based is still going strong but it's just not the same. The Total War series does a good job of mixing both genres though.

darksky65d ago

Any preview pics? I hope it's cartoonish like the online version.

annoyedgamer65d ago

AOE online was really bad. It was straight pay 2 win.

darksky65d ago

I actually meant to write I hope it's not cartoonish. Can't edit it. Failed to check what I wrote lol. I agree AOE Online was crap visually.

Wrex36965d ago

I'm hopeful they take enough from 2 bring it to 4 and add some diplomacy and drop cards from 3. It needs to be much more field, and task based and not rpg lite, like 3.