Switch vs PS4 in the US Sales Comparison - Switch Lead Continues to Grow in November 2020

November 2020 is the 45th month that the Nintendo Switch has been available for. During the latest month, the gap in the US between the Switch and PlayStation 4 grew in favor of the Switch when you align launches. The Switch sold 1.14 million more units than the PS4 in the last month. In the last 12 months, the Switch has grown its lead by 3.91 million units. The Switch currently leads by 4.56 million units.

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FallenAngel19841007d ago

Gap ain’t ever gonna decrease

Neonridr1007d ago

I mean it's plausible, since we are talking about sales when you align the launches. PS4 sold well into it's final year on the market. It remains to be seen if the Switch can continue to sell at the pace it is selling when you get to 6 years on the market. But it definitely shows you that the Switch ain't nothing to scoff at. 100+ million could be an easy feat.

septemberindecember1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

If you look at the graph, Switch is beating PS4's next holiday season before even counting for December which is Nintendo's largest time of the year. It would take a drastic drop for Switch not to beat PS4 in the US at this point. Is it possible...sure! Is it probable? No, it's pretty unlikely.

Mr_Writer851006d ago

Said it once and will say it time and time again.

The Switch is the best second console around.

It's cheap and has some fantastic exclusives. It's also perfect for younger gamers.

The Switch selling well however, won't detract from the achievements of the PS4, even if it outsells it, the Switch is targeted to a much wider customer base, so if it does outsell it, I wouldn't be surprised.

I do wish they would hurry up with the Pro version though.


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1Victor7h ago

Yes be careful of spoilers on all media and some posters here , go into blackout mode till you finish it

jznrpg7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

I don’t even like posting spoilers a year or 2 later but I make sure to mark it well when I do.

People who enjoy spoiling things for others are lame

6h ago
5h ago
7h ago
7h ago
CrimsonWing696h ago

I feel like I’m weird or something, spoilers never ruined anything for me. In fact, knowing things and seeing how they unfold makes it even more interesting for me.

Flawlessmic6h ago

I don't actively look for or enjoy spoilers, but I'm kinda similar that if I do come across them, it's doesn't really ruin anything for me.

shinoff21832h ago

Crimson your right I do find that kind of weird. Lol

ThichQuangDuck1h ago

I get you its easier to not be disappointed in the often disappointing stories that way

2h ago
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