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Blair thinks Immortals Fenyx Rising is Godly.

Read his review to see why he thinks you should absolutely play this game as soon as possible.

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MrBelasco1006d ago

I ordered the standard edition today.

Gaming4Life19811006d ago

Great fun game you wont be disappointed just up the difficulty.

ThePacemaker1005d ago

Is it as easy as Valhalla?

Abnor_Mal1006d ago

Very surprised this game is reviewing well and gamers have positive things to say about it. When it was first being promoted it did not seem like it was something people wanted as there was a some negative comments made here and there.

Now I'm seeing people choose it over Assassins Creed: Valhalla, could it be that this game does not use the Farcry template like Ubisoft use for many of its games. I need to look at it a little closer maybe it will be something I will like.

swifty11006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

Never played BOTW but the comparisons to that game was enough for me to want to try it out, plus getting it 50% off yesterday helps. So far in my ps5 I’ve played valhalla, miles morales and sackboy. Each of which was developed for the PS4 to be able to run as well. I’m looking forward to the games made EXCLUSIVELY for ps5, games that just couldn’t run on a PS4. For me that’s when next gen truly hits.

Abnor_Mal1006d ago

I wasn't sure if this game was also compared to BOTW all, but definitely see how it might be comparable. I believe Geshin Impact was thr other one compared to Nintendo' Breath of the Wild, which I also never played as I don't own a Switch.

Takwin1006d ago

It is a love letter to Breath of the Wild by the devs for AC Odyssey. I consider BotW one of the greatest games ever, but I honestly loved AC Odyssey and had a lot of fun in it. Fenyx is a real attempt by a AAA studio to make a Zelda clone, and I think they really nailed it. It has great mini-dungeons like the shrines, beautiful graphics, and smooth gameplay, but the humor in the storytelling really shines. I got to play Watch Dogs Legion, AC Valhalla, and Fenyx on two months of Ubisoft+ and I will do it again when they release Far Cry 6. $15 for the deluxe version to play it and beat it is great!

Abnor_Mal1006d ago

Okay I will definitely look into the game more, haven't played a Zelda game since the original back in the days on the NES.

CaptainHenry9161006d ago

Not going to lie I did get some BOTW vibes with this game

--Onilink--1006d ago

Its still definitely the Ubisoft template, but taking more inspiration from BotW and with more emphasis on puzzles/challenges to be found rather than just the wealth/artifacts you can find in Valhalla. So the world doesnt feel as empty and devoid of interesting things to do/find

Abnor_Mal1005d ago

Thank you for answering about the ubisoft template. Everyone is making me even more interested in this game than I previously was, nothing but good things being said.

giovonni1005d ago

I might have to trade Valhalla in for this.

46player1005d ago

I haven’t played Valhalla, still playing Odyssey here. Did you not like Valhalla? Or is it just like more Odyssey/Origins?

giovonni1005d ago

It’s both, it does have a lot of qualities of Odyssey, but the grinding is an absolute headache, and very unbalanced. I’d try to borrow it from someone before you buy it

boing11005d ago

Guys here recommended this over Valhalla. I'm having a blast. It's awesome.

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