What We Want from Nintendo in 2021

Jacob S. from Link Cable Gaming Writes: "The year 2021 is shaping up to be one of gaming’s biggest and hopeful years in quite some time and for good measure. With the new generation of consoles recently introduced, many blockbuster titles that are expected to release, as well as, games that are speculated to be revealed throughout the year, video game enthusiasts around the globe are anticipating this to be one of the most fruitful years in the medium’s history. No matter what you play on, 2021 will surely be a year to remember by many and in the case of Nintendo, this might very well be their biggest year to date and there is quite a bit that we would love to see from the gaming giant from now to next December."

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phoenixwing57d ago

Unless it's xenoblade x I don't want anymore wii u ports/remaster

Zeldafan6457d ago

I didn't know until just recently that Xenoblade X was supposed to have a much more fleshed out story than it ended up having. Hopefully if it gets ported they add it in.

phoenixwing57d ago

That would be pretty cool to see. I just want something new. Nintendo hasn't been exactly pumping out new games like they should considering all their devs are consolidated for the hybrid console. Also if they don't have enough devs then they should buy another studio because they're doing well financially.

mikeslemonade57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

We want switch pro or shut up. In fact we wanted that two years ago!

Paridinojelly57d ago

Skyward Sword would be nice, complete with no motion controlls.

ZeroBlue257d ago

All I want is SMTV tbh, rather play it on ps5, but switch will do.

instantstupor57d ago (Edited 57d ago )


And for their focus to be more on "big" experiences like BotW or Mario Odyssey. Released right at the start, these are their largest, most ambitious & interesting games on the system. To me, all other Nintendo games have felt small and, in some instances, outdated in comparison.

And finally show off those games you teased with title cards over 3 years ago. It's getting a little ridiculous.