Koei Tecmo Has Shut Down Its Official Sites Due to Cyber Attack

Hackers have struck again, this time stealing login information from Koei Tecmo Europe. Now nobody can access the company's official sites.

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bouzebbal67d ago

Nioh Ninja Garden or DOA thumbnail would have been better than this ridiculous game

autobotdan67d ago ShowReplies(1)
CrimsonWing6967d ago

So is the leaked info Dynasty Warriors, DOA 7 with 7 or so $190 season passes, and DOA Xtreme Beach Voleyball with copious amounts of DLC, and possibly Nioh 1 + 2 “HD” HD Remasters?

Because that seems like all this company does.

KDblack67d ago

No, it's peoples' account details for the European forum. We'd all be less upset if the hackers just went for upcoming game leaks, but they keep going after the people who make the games.