God of War First-Person Gameplay Gets Up Close and Personal

This God of War first-person gameplay clip hikes up the drama even more. Spoilers inbound for those who haven't finished it yet.

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SullysCigar174d ago

VR Kratos inbound?! Make it so!

1Victor174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

I LOVE GOW and I LOVE PSVR but they don’t mix well unless they do it a platformer like Astro bot but first person GOW NO no no no no oh god of gaming please don’t let that happen 🙏pleeeeeeeeeaase 🙏

SullysCigar174d ago

There was talk of it a LONG time ago of some demo. That's all it amounted to, but who's to say they weren't kicking around a few ideas and running some tests even back then? Maybe they just needed more horsepower?

Enter stage left: PS5!

Gaming4Life1981174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

I would buy a psvr to be kratos in vr.

ChrisW173d ago


It's console VR!

DivineHand125174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Based on that thumbnail, it looks like Kratos head was moved to his chest to get a visual from that angle.

shabz666174d ago

Any angle any perspective, this game still looks frigging amazing. Can’t wait to see Sony Santa Monica flex it’s muscle on ps5. Damn.

Abnor_Mal174d ago

Imagine playing God of War in VR and having to use the move controllers to control Kratos and the blades of chaos and leviathan axe. I can see myself quit playing quickly because of arm fatigue.

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