This Week's Deals With Gold And Spotlight Sale Plus The Countdown Sale

MN: Here are this week’s games and add-on deals available from the Microsoft Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 04 JAN 21.

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Gaming4Life19811289d ago

I bought the terminator resistance game cause it was on sale and im a die hard terminator fan. Ive only played a little bit of it but as a fan its good. I cant call it a game i would recommend to non fans of the terminator future war but for me its the movie we never got.


Real-Time Resurgence: The Story of Shadow Tactics, Stealth Strategy, & Mimimi Games

In this retrospective, we'll cover the revival of the Real-Time Tactics genre and the story of the developers who did it, Mimimi Games.

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DaReapa100d ago

Same here. I got it and its expansion. A shame that Mimimi had to close its doors.


10 Best PS5 Racing Games You Should Play

With the DualSense's adaptive triggers, racing games feel right at home on the PS5, but which are the best racing games?

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KyRo854d ago

Man I wish arcade racers would make a comeback. Racing games have become so boring if you're not into SIM or semi-Sims. That isn't discrediting SIMs, I'd just rather get chased by police, ram people off the road, drift at impossible speeds. The Crew 2 and NFS are just a bit average at best.

Terry_B853d ago

Try out BallisticNG and Redout if you like futuristic racers

Terry_B853d ago

GT 7..the rest is not important right now


PlayStation Plus games for January: Persona 5 Strikers, Dirt 5, Deep Rock Galactic

All available January 4.

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TheExecutioner925d ago

Awesom games to start the year with

BiggCMan925d ago

Yes I'm very excited for Deep Rock Galactic myself! I tried it on PC last year and fell in love with the gameplay and silliness. PlayStation is my main platform though so this will be when I really get deeper into the game and mechanics. Very excited! Hope PlayStation players find themselves loving it like me. Also excited to try Dirt 5 in 120fps cuz I just need more games running at that, it's so wonderful in Borderlands 3 for example.

darthv72925d ago

Looking forward to feeling the road deform under my thumbs in Dirt 5. I loved it on XB so playing it on PS to earn some trophies will be just as fun if not more thanks to the DS.

Ethereal925d ago

Very excited to play Deep Rock Galactic. I've heard nothing but great things.

GhostofHorizon925d ago

Great start, Persona 5 Strikers alone makes this a great month.