The PS4's Spectacular Dreams Game Is Hurting From A Lack Of Players

Once you push past the barrier of rushed and incomplete creations that seem to take precedence, Dreams has so much to offer players.

Knushwood Butt1266d ago

They need to promote the best content.

People need a reason to play.

I recommend Pig Detective 3.

Lore1266d ago

Unfathomable why they didn’t create an “app store” type of ecosystem, that permits creators to either put games up for free (with the option to accept donations for those wanting to support them) and another option to charge for their creations to be incentivized and Sony take a small percentage. Win win for everyone and would keep the dreams thriving.

solideagle1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

it is baffling why Sony didn't do it. This could have been potentially non-dev platform for players out there. Did they patch it for PS5? I agree with you 200%.
I also think this should have been on PC instead Horizon Zero dawn. I know I will get thousand disagrees but if it has in game store of sorts then this could become huge.

arkard1266d ago

It would be a licensing/litigation nightmare for anyone that is recreating games Ike MGS or whatever else they are remaking in dreams

Sonic-and-Crash1266d ago

i m currently playing ,/create in Dreams... is my 4thmost played game this year..its just the players that have problem not the game neither Sony ....try minigames like LOCK in Dreams and lot of other stuff to see what i mean

ILostMyMind1266d ago

You are totally right. HZD should never be on PC.

FreeFallFrenzy1266d ago

Dreams, in my opinion, could have been a perfect avenue for something like The Oasis in Ready Player One. Maybe not a robust as that, but a great starting point, much like how Sony had PS Home on the PS3. I think they missed an opportunity here with Dreams. Could've had a great potential for revenue from user-created content.

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Amplitude1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

The game launched pretty close to the end of the PS4 lifespan and had absolutely no hype whatsoever and felt somewhat incomplete (no VR support, for example - which was advertised, and the lack of it did make creation a bit clunky with the Moves in 2D)
I also had to drive to 3 different EB Games to find the one and only physical copy in my city. I dont think i saw a single ad on TV or in game stores or heck even online. None of my friends - who are all gamers - knew wtf Dreams was. I sold it after a few months, and recently picked it up again in the used bin at EB for $10.

I think they actually just need a full-fledge PS5 release once the console starts becoming more available, and with PS5 exclusive features compared to last-gen (i know we already have a better thermometer and framerate on PS5 but still) , and a full-fledged marketing campaign for the release. That, or make it free on PS Plus, or absolutely putting it on other platforms like PC would help a TON. It's definitely salvageable but right now it's pretty dead in the water imo. Hopefully they have some sort of plan to revive it.

It sucks cause the game is sweet but the lack of hype killed even my ambition to create content. Nobody's playing the content so what's the point of dedicating all that time and effort into making an art piece to be seen by only a few random people.

nveenio1265d ago

Actually, Dreams was available to play for like two years before release. It was filled with great content by dedicated gamers who were part of that early community. When it finally did release, it was to lackluster fanfare because of this. Everyone who cared the most had already been playing it for some time.

ManMarmalade1266d ago

Don't forget that nintendo wanted everything nintendo related removed from dreams.

Jin_Sakai1266d ago

They should offer the game free with PS Plus to boost the user base.

NecrumOddBoy1266d ago

This should be part of the PS+ Collection indeed. It’s really great but needs a solid base to survive.

1265d ago
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BioDead1266d ago

The reason why many don't play is the fact of how much time and dedication it takes to make something playable in Dreams. I have such plans to make a video game, but I simply have no time to get something done in Dreams. So many new video game releases and barely any time for them. The backlog list is endless at this point.

Even if someone is unemployed, they would barely have time for making games in Dreams, if they also wanto play other games, new releases and next gen stuff. Sigh. But playing other players' levels might be the only thing gamers could find time to do in Dreams.

Double_O_Revan1266d ago

I'm following someone on YouTube making an Avatar game. He's been streaming his progress constantly for months now. Even with all that effort so far, he's no more than 20% done, and I think that's a high estimate. He's he spent weeks just working on character movement. Now he's working on level building.

There's so much that is needed to make even a small game. If there are people out there making games as ambitious as the Avatar one, it will be another year before we see any of these games.

1265d ago
nveenio1265d ago

Yes, of course it takes time. My personal approach is to use the Community Jams to help me figure out new ways to do different things for my "big" game. For instance, with "Elemental", I was tinkering with sound, camera, and other immersive aspects. With "8-bit Canvas", I was tinkering with wire limitations. With the "14th Annual National Pickle Spanking Competition", I was tinkering with scoring systems and progressive synchronization.

Building in Dreams is just like building a game in any other engine. There are thresholds of complexity that need to be understood, and it takes time to understand them. That's why so much stuff in Dreams, even when given a lot of time and love, just doesn't feel polished or is plagued with bugs.

Lionsguard1266d ago

Yeah, Dreams is freaking awesome but I think MM overshot people's time and expectations a bit. I still enjoy going to play people's creations but it's really just the same group of super talented people that pump stuff out. That can't last. They need to make this game for PC if they really want player numbers. And also yes, I find it difficult to find any time to play or create lately due to my expanding backlog of games totally probably over 600 titles by now and it certainly didn't help that I added 7 more during the winter sales events taking place.

RememberThe3571266d ago

I'm curious about the AI rendering that Nvidia showed off a while back. Does Dreams have anything like that to help with environments and little details?


Abnor_Mal1266d ago

I've said since it has been in development, and will continue to do so. Sony need to put this game/application on as many different platforms as possible, something such as this needs a much bigger community than just the PlayStation to survive. Just like MineCraft is everywhere and is still going strong, Dreams needs the same large community that can work on projects and build something truly incredible.

Forget MLB, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Death Srranding, Dreams is the one that needs to go to PC, Switch, Xbox, and mobile.

elazz1266d ago

A PC release would be a good start. With a variety of input options like a MK or Wacomb pen it would be easier to make game creations I believe. The reason why I'm not playing is that I finished the story and would prefer more content from Media Molecule themselves. I also believe multiplayer was recently possible and VR has been added not so long ago. An upgrade to make PS5 exclusive content would also be nice. If Sony wants to bump the player base they could always add it to PS Plus.

SmokinAces1266d ago

PC I could see happening the rest of that not so much.

Abnor_Mal1266d ago

Agreed, but ideally it should be on everything with a screen, to reach as wide an audience as possible.

specialguest1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Sure putting the game on several platforms will help, but it's not going to even get a quarter of Minecrafts success. Minecraft had great timing being one of the first of its kind, was heavily promoted by big youtubers(some made a career out of Minecraft), and most importantly it was so simple and easy for anyone to pick up and create their world. Even young kids could do it

Abnor_Mal1266d ago

Although it might never be as big as Minecraft, that really wasn't the point, but it would help grow the community like Minecraft. Even a quarter of the success of Minecraft would be better than the base it currently has.

Perhaps being on more platforms could get some youtubers interested in the game and start streaming how-to video and mega creations. This "game" also has the potential to help build someone's career, if they were to create something special and an animation studio takes notice.

FyBy1265d ago

Putting this to PC (with limitations to be able to playback on PS4) with VR would be the best thing they could do. Next is to monetize content for creators. And next is to better curate content.

Dreams is excellent application. Really excellent!

What also could help would be to make more official game content - like LBP was. And make more contests not only for demos but for real games with good prizes. Sony has money to do that. They have great platform (Dreams). They need only to push it better.

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GamerBeast19821266d ago

Cause it’s a game well a creation tool for a certain crowd. Nobody I know has any interest in it at all. Must admit I bought it day one played about for around 2 hours then deleted it . Send it to pc and more people will be interested on consoles it’s just not what many want.

Nuvem1266d ago

I always get a ton of disagrees, but here I go again: Little Big Planet 4 with a real 3D level creator would have sold more.

Magog1266d ago

You can use it that way easily if you want. There are level templates for exactly that sort of game.

nveenio1265d ago

Yeah, I mean…that's basically what it is. It's just more flexible. I think what you mean is that the LBP formula is simpler to use and therefore would have resulted in more creative success among a broader group of people, and I would agree with that.