Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo 2020 Report Cards

Alex S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "Which company gets its report card proudly displayed on the fridge? And who is going to have to get some makeup classes in?"

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65d ago
Eonjay65d ago

Besides Flight Simulator, I feel like Sony also had better PC releases this year too. Let that sink in for a minute...

surferz65d ago

that they did.
absolutely amazing games and new console.

utopiancat66d ago

2020 may have been Sony's best year.

They ended the PS4 with some of it's best games of the generation then rolled into a very successful launch of the PS5 with a fantastic set of launch games and an incredibly strong set of games coming in 2021 and it's safe to assume 22 and beyond will be filled with even more GOTY quality titles.

RaiderNation65d ago

Lol the disagrees are hilarious! Some people are in such denial.

RgR65d ago

Disagrees in no validate or unvalidate a comment. Theyre easily ignored.

Besides...only 5 disagrees.

CaptainHenry91665d ago

I would have given Microsoft a F but I see their trying to be generous by giving them a D+

AngelicIceDiamond66d ago

I agree with this list big time. Sony did the best as to be expected with much bigger commercial titles and new ip's that flawlessly knock it outta the park. MS is scrounging yet another year to get something released even rehashing the same games from 2019.. Tsk tsk. Nintendo is more or less hit or miss.

potatoseal66d ago

Sony is NOT slowing down either. 2021 might see one of their biggest release years ever.

derek66d ago

Finally, an article that tells the truth. Xbox should've been given an F.

Chevalier66d ago

Can't believe a Forza update and Gears 5 update for Series X/S were even counted on Xbox lists of games releases this year.

RgR65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Good thing I didnt click. Those dont count. Theyre not rereleases....theyre just ports over to their own next gen platform...hardly substantial.

Nothing new was added. Improved performance was likely automatic with the more powerful hardware.

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The story is too old to be commented.