The Super-Secret Super Metroid Developers’ Map

From Xfire: "Back in the Dark Ages called the early-90s, there were many conveniences that were not available to the average gamer. It is easy to take for granted nowadays, but the very idea of a complete game map was reserved for those who could buy them from magazines or player’s guides. And in extreme cases, you could actually call a special number to get some help when you are stuck! Nintendo, in particular, had a hotline manned by Nintendo Game Play Counselors (as they were called). This hotline was active and operated in-house by Nintendo for a whopping 18 years (1987 to 2005).

One recent discovery related to this is the Super-Secret Super Metroid Map. This was used by these Game Play Counselors to help weary players lost without a clue… a map painstakingly hand drawn by one of the game’s Japanese developers!"

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Masterchief_thegoat383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

I really wish Nintendo stop playing games. and release Metroid prime 4, Metroid collection and hopefully Super Metroid Remake😍

OtterX382d ago

It makes sense that they'll be hitting next year, as it is the 35th anniversary of the series. :)

MetroidFREAK21382d ago

That's pretty sick. Love unseen and retro game history

Terry_B382d ago

Umm..they released a whole Guide together with the game in one Package actually.