Assassin’s Creed Valhalla's Successes, Surprises, And Post-Launch Priorities

Game Informer: "We interviewed to producer Julien Laferrière about the big changes, the upcoming priorities, and the decisions that went on behind the scenes during the development of Ubisoft's Viking saga."

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potatoseal67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

I've Platinumed nearly all of the Assassin's Creed games... and they're getting worse. Simplistic button-mashers that take no skill whatsoever to beat. So much boring open-world filler that is just disgusting quite frankly. I LOVE Viking shit and don't care for Greek Mythology and Odyssey was BETTER than Valhalla. Valhalla is a 7.5/10 - 8/10 at best.

SyntheticForm67d ago


But, I did like Orlog.

RazzerRedux67d ago

Yep. AC:V's Gwent. I found myself playing Orlog more than AC:V the last couple of times I launched the game.

potatoseal67d ago

Yeah, you're right Orlog was pretty fun. Beat every Orlog player in the game. That trophy was a fun one to get.

--Onilink--67d ago

Valhalla is so weird, gameplay wise I feel they pushed certain aspects to a better position than they were before (combat, skills, loot, stealth closer to non rpg ACs, etc) and yet its the most bored I’ve ever been with an AC game since the intro of AC 3.
Im really forcing myself to play at this point and I’ve certainly put in a good amount of hours, but there is just something that makes it feel so boring and I havent quite pinned down what it is (though I have a few candidates for sure)

RememberThe35766d ago

That's how I felt about Odyssey. I think there's a point where no matter how good, or not-bad, a game is, you still just burn out at some point. I'm still burt out with COD and I stopped playing regularly when MF2 dropped.

RazzerRedux67d ago

So it isn't just me, huh? Yeah, AC: V and Watch Dogs Legions were both very disappointing, imo. Valhalla is a chore to play and the world just feels so empty. I miss the sprawling cities of Odyssey and Origins. Now we have these tiny villages and dots scattered all over the map with no real motivation to seek them out. And what is with this spider-web skill UI? That thing is just horrible.

Just glad I was rented the games via Ubisoft+. Would hate to think I paid $60 for each of them.

potatoseal67d ago

Odyssey and Origins left me with a lot of fond memories well after I played the shit out of them. But Valhalla has left me with a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth and I was really excited for this game because I've been into Viking stuff since I was a kid.

After this recent experience I'm going to be very wary of whatever the next Assassin's Creed game is, even if it looks amazing. Knowing me I'll play it, but my hopes will remain way down.

northpaws67d ago

For me, Origin > Odyssey > Valhalla...

I don't know why, but Valhalla get bored really really fast, I played 10 hrs and I feel like I already know what to expect for the rest of the games already (gameplay wise), pledge -> quests -> raid -> repeat

potatoseal67d ago

I got the Plat in all of them and I agree with your assessment here 100%. And yes... expect more of the same for the rest of the game. You will clear all the pieces on that map-board with Randvi, only to have a whole bunch more pieces show up and it's more of the exact same again and again, until the game is over.

Sunny1234567d ago

That's true for most open world rpgs. Even witcher 3 was going from area to area and clearing it out, what stood was the depth and story of side missions. Some side quests of valhalla are pretty good, and main story arcs are also refined and innovative. If only they covered this full thing in half the map, would have been 9.5/10. For now it's 8/10

Elda67d ago

I'm still stuck in Jorvik which is my final area with a glitch of not being able to assassinate one of the Order members & I'm 95hrs in & I can not proceed to finish the game. Ubisoft not being able to help me as well.

Latex7467d ago

Still not sure when to buy this wait for a heavy price drop or buy now .but from what I hear from this game sounds like it very boring fast I loved the last two I just don't know

RazzerRedux67d ago

Wait for a price drop. By that time hopefully they will have fixed all the glitches. I've had to reload prior saves three times because of bugs that prevented me from progressing. And yeah, it gets boring really fast.

Pocahontas66d ago

I thought it was better than odyssey but that doesn’t seem to be popular opinion

smolinsk66d ago

The game is absolutely amazingly boring, way to easy and zero fun righting gameplay. It's like it's Odessey but just way more boring. Absolutely nothing to do in the world.

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