São Paulo court in Brazil orders Sony to unlock banned PlayStation 5

The São Paulo court ordered, in an injunction, the unlocking of a locked unit of the PlayStation 5 .

The lawsuit, discovered in a Metrópoles investigation and to which The Enemy had access, determined that the console unit would be unlocked within 72 hours from December 17, under a daily fine of R $ 200 limited to the value of the product. There is still appeal by Sony.

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justsomeoffdude267d ago

I don't understand, why not permanently ban the accounts or permanently lock the games on the ps5 instead of locking the console itself??? This is seriously a shitty move by sony

Silly gameAr267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Something tells me anything Sony did would be a shitty move to you. Somebody dug this article from the bottom of the barrel.

TheRealTedCruz267d ago

Something tells me you come to Sony's defense almost 100% of the time.

nirwanda267d ago

So you had your brand new ps5 banned because you have given away/sold the psplus collection would you be ok with that?
Also Sony's digital rights policy technically isn't legal in many countries as it goes against consumer rights and this court case highlights this.

Sunny_D267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Yeah, I understand banning a person from being able to play online and being able to purchase future content, but banning them from purchases they already made with their own money shouldn't be a thing. They should be able to still use their product even if it's for single player only. I think Steam does this.

Also I'm not referring to anything like reselling digital copies or anything like that btw. Just if you get banned from PSN for being a troll.

Shikoku267d ago

Because the console cod be hardware modded to allow game copying or other things.

justsomeoffdude267d ago

So how do you know that the console can't be unlocked via some hardware/software modding as well? Anyway you look at it, permanently locking the console for sharing ps+ collection is wrong.. ban the accounts and/or ban the games from the console.

Shikoku267d ago (Edited 267d ago )


Shikoku267d ago

Hahaha no it isn't you broke the rules you pay for it and yeah I'm pretty sure it can't be idiot if it could be this guy wouldnt have filed a lawsuit to try and force sony to unlock it pretty common sense stuff idiot. People will cry about anything it's called TOS and EU agreements if you don't like them DONT SIGN THEM!! It's pretty damn simple.

TheRealTedCruz267d ago

Way to get on your knees for big business.

RememberThe357267d ago

What? So Sony can't ban cheaters and thieves?

Dude broke the TOS, if you or I did it we'd get banned too. Why should this ahole get off because he whined to a court?

Orbilator267d ago

Banning the console is the only way, as these bottom feeders would just create a new account and start again. Banning the console is the only way.

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Kaii267d ago ShowReplies(1)
Ryushaa267d ago

I just say that it is Sony responsibility to ensure the PS Plus collection is activated only on One account per console. If they didn't manage to prevent multiples accounts being redeem for PS Plus on one console it is on them.

RememberThe357267d ago

Now this is an actual argument!

Amplitude267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

yeah honestly. There's not even a notice on any of the games saying "Only valid for one account" or anything of the sort.

I let a couple of my friends and my brother claim the games on day 1 cause i just didnt think anything of it. Super dumb that they're banning consoles for that.

And yeah - selling the games to a ton of people is different than giving them to a few friends, which is different than buying a ps5 redeeming the games and selling the PS5, which is different from letting only people in your house have the games, which is etc etc etc.

My point here is that it's extremely unclear where they draw the line - and when you have a market of millions of people there are bound to be a TON of people that dont even know there is a line at all. Ridiculous they didnt think of this when they created the instant game collection

This is a super crappy move on Sony's part. Shoulda made it a redeemable code if it wasnt supposed to be redeemed on multiple accounts. Anybody saying Sony is in the right here is either a blind fanboy or just doesnt know what theyre talking about

northpaws266d ago


If someone break in to your house, it is your responsibility, you should have hired a body guard. /S