First God of War trailer to be revealed on Dec 14th

Kratos returns to battle with the meddling gods to ensure that in the end, there will only be chaos.

Mr_Bun5296d ago (Edited 5296d ago )

Can't Wait!!!

Hopefully this translates into a timely release date for GoW III and Uncharted 2

Lifendz5296d ago

was in-game. series and I hope it isn't just a trilogy.

Time Lord5296d ago (Edited 5296d ago )

If there is anyone out there who still doubts that Sony is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our PS3, Dec 14th will be your answer.


HighDefinition5296d ago (Edited 5296d ago )

The best news I could have woke up 2.

Todays gonna be a GREAT day.

thor5296d ago

Nice one. But don't forget about Thursday which is when the KZ2 embargo ends. Next year is going to be EVEN BETTER than this year which is pretty astounding when you consider MGS4, GTA4, Wipeout HD, LBP, Fallout 3 AND MANY MORE great games have released this year for PS3.

lociefer5296d ago

OOH YEEAAAHHH , lol and its said there are more titles to be shown , what could we possibly hope for more than a new trailer of gow3 and uncharted 2 ? , oh and jak 4

sushipoop5296d ago

This must be the trailer that David Jaffe saw. Oh my god.

5296d ago
Rick Astley5296d ago

Haha I was just watching this.

Best fan trailer ever.

With God of War 3, Sony will once again show all gamers (and haters alike) that the PlayStation 3 hardware is light years ahead of the competition.

Mr_Bun5296d ago (Edited 5296d ago )

That was an awesome trailer....I was going to be pissed if I got RickRolled, but I figured I was safe with

solidjun55296d ago (Edited 5296d ago )

can he not be enthusiastic about a game? Isn't he not entitled to his right to be happy in some form without bashing anyone or another system? He's having a good time at nobody's expense. Don't be a party pooper just because someone is happy that a trailer to a series he loves will be shown soon. And besides, why the hell would you care??? You don't even have a PS3. Go troll in the open zone or something.

Dark_Overlord5296d ago

I thought it was going to miss out the bit with the head in the door, but bam there it was right at the end. Thats what you call a brutal beating

arika5296d ago (Edited 5296d ago )

i can't take this no more, first they showed UNCHARTED 2 and there are some sites saying that jak ps3 trailer is also around the corner and now GOD OF WAR 3. AAAAARRRGH! my head is about to explode! seriously sony is planning an all out war on 2009. awesome!

maruchan27six5296d ago

Well I got GoW'd, thanks for the link.

Megaton5296d ago

I was thinking this would happen last night after the surprise Uncharted 2 reveal. Didn't really give a crap one way or the other about the Spike awards before, but now I can't miss them, just for those two trailers.

dj_funky5296d ago

can't wait to see this trailer and uncharted 2 trailer.. sony will own at the show.

Score5296d ago

You are always talking about man sex...Obsessive much? this isn't news 4 gays...keep your homo-erotic ideas to yourself please.

die_fiend5296d ago

Always?! I think you've got always confused with once, they're actually pretty much at the opposite ends of the frequency spectrum...But you could've had me fooled. I'm excited too, but I don't start preaching about the doubters and being cleansed. Clearly I don't belong in here


I promise u that u will be blown away.This is the moment every one is gonna see what i saw and u will offical know the 360 can never match gow3 graphics.If u think killzone2 looks good(im in the beta)then u have not seen nothing yet.

prowiew5295d ago

This is the game im waiting. Just show it already!. I hope they show gameplay in the trailer.

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Ashton5296d ago

uncharted 2 and GOW III?

so basically this episode will one up E3 .

thor5296d ago

Don't forget Killzone 2 footage being shown on Thursday.

xionpunk5296d ago

Actually, thats a good point, why the hell is are these things being announced at these videogames awards instead of earlier at E3?

rogimusprime5295d ago

another exclusive M$ can't get their hands on no matter how much they are willing to pay.

i'm still pissed about FF13.

Don't get me wrong, I love my XBOX and I'd do the same thing if I was M$, but SONY needs to do a better job securing exclusives.

But I digress....

Can't wait for the trailer.

Time Lord5296d ago

GOW is Sony's #1 system seller game.

theEnemy5296d ago

Gran Turismo still holds the #1 spot bro. :)

Daver5296d ago


yea gran turismo is still number 1

die_fiend5296d ago

Could be, might get one if they stop being extortionately priced.

ToastyMcNibbles5296d ago (Edited 5296d ago )

no waaaaay this is infrickinsane uncharted 2 and god of war 3!? are they trying to give me a heart attack over here!? not to mention killzone 2 on thursday! holy sh!t best week ever!