ASUS lists the NVIDIA RTX 3080Ti on its official website

DSOGaming writes: "After numerous leaks and rumors surrounding the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080Ti, ASUS went ahead and listed it on its official website."

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Dabigsiebowski73d ago

Already? Damn AMD did scare them

RazzerRedux73d ago

I wouldn't say that exactly. Nvidia typically keeps something in its back pocket that they surprise AMD with.

mikeslemonade72d ago

Preorder and add to cart please!

Tapani72d ago

10% more performance with 30% more price. Happy with my 3080 TUF and the great price to performance ratio!

mikeslemonade71d ago

Nah I rather get the TIs. The vanilla 80s usually don’t last the whole generation.

Vits73d ago

This is very well planned buddy. The prices of the normal series indicated that a TI or Super variant would be reaching the market soon.

Tacoboto72d ago

If the TIs are like the rumors, these cards are already known about and widely discussed - just double the RAM of the existing 3070&80

CaptainHenry91673d ago

I should have waited for this and Intel Rocketlake CPU. Oh well it is what it is

Storm2372d ago

See this is why I don’t get into PC gaming because I would always be regretting not waiting for the Next big thing that came out or wishing I could upgrade again when I don’t have the money to do so. PC gaming will always be on the cutting edge of new tech but it’s nice to just buy my new console and Know it’s as good as it get for me til the next one comes out years later. This Ti will be a beast though

masterfox72d ago

"PC gaming will always be on the cutting edge of new tech"

I wished that translate it into PC games that PC gaming side is only capable to demonstrate, but in the end the only thing they receive with each new gaming card is just an upgrade of resolution, new effects just a cleaner image, more fps, but still in essence is the same game nothing revolutionary imo that makes you go , WOW! I will keep playing this for a while!, I been gaming on my PC for a while from time to time, and yes I can run all my PC games at full HD, highest settings in most games, and with a very smooth framerate, have lots and lots of games on my Steam library, but the issue I'm having right now I feel almost all of them are kinda boring.
I hope someday PC gaming gets a game that is awesome, not a borefest and only PC can only run, just like the old days for example when the first Crysis was released, yeah I build a gaming PC just to play that game back in the day, I even went two 8800 GT in Sli and that didn't do almost nothing LOL!, but I was happy I was able to play Crysis completely!, it was mission accomplished for me. :D

AspiringProGenji72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Bro. The difference between a Ti and Non Ti is no big deal. Before buying tech just now they will release a slightly better versions couple months after, but if you get desperate is not big deal either. With non ti 30 series you are already all set for the next 5-10 years without upgrading

Besides unless you are someone who wants the fastest specs possible, you don’t need to always aim for the next big thing every time they release a card and save your money

Vits72d ago

I mean the whole point of PC is that you don't need the lasted and greatest. It's not like consoles where you either buy the new one or you can't even play the new games - Microsoft is trying to change that though.

For example I have a 2008 Phenom II based computer that can still run a couple of modern tittles on lower settings/resolution. And it was not a top of the line PC even back them.

Elwenil72d ago

The idea that you need the latest, greatest parts for your PC is bullshit. I am playing on a i7-4790K, a 4 core processor that came out in 2014 with an EVGA 1070Ti. Far, far away from any "cutting edge". Granted I don't play competitive shooters, but I am able to run most games at 1440p above 60FPS, usually over 100 FPS. I'm playing AC: Valhalla now on this machine and I'm very happy with how it looks and runs. Yeah, I'd like to build a new system, and yeah, I'd like to have a $2k graphics card, but point of fact, unless you are in some sort of competition, like overclocking, keeping up with the Jones', or just someone with too much money and "got to have the best" syndrome.

Giblet_Head72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

You don't get into PC gaming because you have an impulse to buy anything new? Perhaps the real problem is you're just bad with money?

Storm2372d ago

I'm actually great with money. That's why console gaming has always made sense to me.

Shiore2u72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

"I'm actually great with money. That's why console gaming has always made sense to me."
Actually you're probably spending more than someone on PC over the course of a generation. That ̶$6̶0̶, sorry $70(lol) now premium on new games and annual multiplayer cost racks up overtime, especially if you're one of those people that buys an upgraded model.

Psychotica72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

@masterfox - if any of that were true there wouldn’t be a cpu AND gpu shortage of the lastest tech.

RazzerRedux72d ago


And I'll never understand the console gamer mentality that fewer options are somehow a better scenario. Your console is not "as good as it gets". You just choosing to ignore the options in front of you.


The vast majority of console games are on PC. Why are you saying they are boring? And there are entire genres on PC that are completely lacking on console because they do not translate well to controller such as strategy and simulations.

rockwhynot71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

You can get into PC gaming with Nvidia GPUs and not feel jipped because your parts are obsolete by the time you install them. EVGA has a "step up" program.

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CaptainHenry91672d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I've been a PC gamer for 14 years. Just because I want a RTX 3080TI doesn't mean I'm bad with money. I always get the TI version of Gpu's always. I just didn't the the 3080ti would launch this fast. Don't you have a 2080ti because you like the performance and it's a beast right?😏

Giblet_Head72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Should have put some money into a trip to LensCrafters. Check again who's comment I'm under.

Blade9272d ago

Glad I'm with EVGA and their step up program. 3080ti should be releasing before my window expires.

Charal72d ago

I see this as a compensation for not being able to find a 3080 on sale: at least I would not have been disappointed to see a better model pop up a couple of months after.

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