Hollow Knight: Silksong confirmed for next issue of EDGE

It’s been almost two years since Hollow Knight: Silksong was announced. Status updates have been tough to come by, especially since E3 2019. Fortunately, the wait for new information is almost over. EDGE has revealed that it has scored Hollow Knight: Silksong for its next issue.

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NecrumOddBoy827d ago

Terrible magazine but any HK news is good news

ArchangelMike827d ago

I hope they bring it to other consoles.

Unknown_Gamer5794827d ago

Agreed. The Switch is certainly perfect for this kind of game, but the original HK was on everything, so this one should be too. Besides, I played the original on PS4 and would love to continue the series on the same console, or maybe on my PS5 when I finally get that.

Kabaneri827d ago

Hollow Knight is the best metroidvania that released this gen.

Stanjara827d ago

I loved it! I hope there is a ps4 version.

Sirk7x827d ago

Probably one of the best, period. Definitely going to go down on many top 10 lists in the years to come.

BioShockGX827d ago

Bloodstained was so good too

saint_seya827d ago

Yeah, also liked a lot Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

notachance826d ago

it's definitely up there in my list with Ori, bloodstained, and samus return

NecrumOddBoy825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

Have you played TimeSpinner? It’s lighthearted but still one of the best MVs on PS4/Switch/PC. It’s a CronoVania and probably my #2 after HK. I platinum’d both games and they aren’t too similar. TimeSpinner feels more like an SNES love letter and Hollow Knight is more obtuse and abstract in its design and storytelling.

Kabaneri824d ago (Edited 824d ago )

I had never heard about that game until now, thanks for the recommendation!

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saint_seya827d ago

I loved the first one, cant wait for Silksong, hope is as as good as the original.