Top 4 reasons why the PS5 is outperforming the Series X

The Xbox vs PlayStation Showdown. The brand new consoles from Microsoft and Sony have officially launched. And gamers around the world are eagerly anticipating buying an Xbox Series X and a PlayStation 5, aka Xbro and BaeStation. And as such, with every new generation comes the inevitable comparison of which Console is more powerful. This article will discuss the 4 primary reasons why the PS5 is showing a performance advantage over the Series X.

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piroh1013d ago

PS5 has a slight advantage due to some aspects writen in the article. Basically, both consoles are unique and specific, during a manufacturing process Sony bet on higher GPU clock speeds, unified RAM and SSD, Microsoft bet on a raw power of GPU and split RAM

XsX reminds me PS3 when it comes to game development, the question is how will significantly weaker XsS influence the game development of Xbox exclusives

InUrFoxHole1013d ago

All I know is both consoles are going to have some bangers this gen. Really love what Sony did with their controller.

ABizzel11013d ago

Yeah I wish the author was here to discuss it, but unfortunately, the mods banned him as soon as he tried to join.

ABizzel11013d ago


No clue. He was banned the day he made his profile posted a comment thanking me for helping him most here, and instantly banned lol.

CaptainHenry9161013d ago

I think Mark Cerny and Sony's engineers were smart to go with 36 CUs at higher frequencies because it's easier to divide the workloads

Like Cerny said, it's harder to fill these small triangles. Xbox has to properly give work to all of those 52 CUs

bouzebbal1013d ago

There wasn't much competition last gen but this time around there is zero competition.. Unbelievable for the first time ever a console doesn't have a single asset. It's just a more powerful Ouya

SirBruce1013d ago

A PS5 Slim in 2023 can kill Xbox Series definetly... because Xbox Series X seems to be the Xbox Series One X of this generation... no second midstemp opportuniy for Microsoft this time. Only Xbox Game Pass could win as platform... on the long term.

Godmars2901013d ago

Doesn't it just boil down to Sony building up their experience in the industry where MS, despite all their time in it, have failed to acquire any?

They came in with specific goals and mindset and have, regardless of what they actually say or seem to do, alter that mindset.

They want to be an aggregate platform, have everyone come to them, everyone pay them, while they put in the least effort.

The best example of this, how it doesn't work, is how they "acquired" timed exclusivity to Netflix when it just started, tied their own subscription service to, only to see take off when it available on the PS3 where it could be gotten with no strings attached.

Been saying they need to get away from the mindset that they're the only game in town, that everyone will come to them and that they just need to keep saying it, but its too late at this point. MS have already made the physical Xbox redundant to a streaming app as they copy Netflix, just as dozens of other streaming services are popping up. Making their own shows to promote them, unlike a certain console game maker I shouldn't have to name.

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pedrof931013d ago

Honestly, the game pass makes it all worth it, I've manage to get an XsX earlier last week, as they said the value is fantastic :D

medman1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

Enjoy your console....I was fortunate to get a ps5 at launch, and a series x was delayed a little less than two weeks after launch from Amazon. I skipped the xbox one this past gen, so gamepass is really tremendous for me right now....in november my data usage was well over 2tb...thankfully I have an unlimited plan with no cap. A good bit of that was for the series x...I filled the main ssd, and filled about half the seagate ssd with downloads for games for xbox I missed last gen. The ps5 is simply awesome.

Aussieguy1013d ago

You can play the Game pass on a pc or even an Android device. Heck, even the xbox exclusives are all going to PC now (including Halo).

I just can't see any reason at all to buy a xbox anymore

Firebird3601013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

Gamepass will be the ultimate downfall of gaming. I cant believe anyone supports it just because its a good deal.

Dragonscale1013d ago

@firebird360 nah, xbox will never be popular enough for that to happen. When the main feature of your console is a rental service it just won't cut it.

SirBruce1013d ago

Is it really neccesary to buy an Xbox Series console to enjoy Xbox Game Pass? If it is enabled con PC soon, you'll only need a cheap laptop or something cheaper and a controller... well... and 1$ for 3 months if you can get deals as usual.

Babadook71012d ago

Gamepass is great, but that ps+ collection that comes with ps5 is on another level.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1012d ago

I remember people claiming that there were devs saying the performance gap between these consoles was massive. *chuckling*

The one thing I will never understand about why Microsoft chose to use two sets of RAM instead of a unified pool of RAM is mind boggling and this configuration is probably what's causing problems. I don't know of any graphics cards that have a fast pool of RAM coupled with a slow pool of RAM so to me the design makes absolutely no sense.

TheProblem1012d ago

Yeah what happened to that so called ex Sony dev who claimed series x is a beast and developers were massively disappointed in the Ps5. He said it was almost a ps3 situation all over again for them.

lifeisgamesok1012d ago

They went with a slower pool to try to cut costs instead of one unified pool of GDDR6 like the PS5

It wasn't a good move IMO

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Bathyj1012d ago

Excellent read. I'm glad someone is bringing up the benefits of the higher clock speeds and how it affects everything because I think people are really sleeping on that. Also having more focus in the tools in the APIs is going to be a big benefit to PlayStation and not trying to be the jack of all trades and master of none like Xbox.

anyone who thinks teraflops is still the only thing that matters should read this whole article.

lifeisgamesok1012d ago

A good read indeed and I'm glad reality finally came for the "12 Tflopz of powah" people.

214 days ago:

@Shaggy2303 The more CUs the more difficult the game development

If resources from the GPU aren't properly divided between the 52 CUs then it is forced to drop a huge number of those CUs

The GPU has to have enough resources for the CUs at all times or you lose the performance

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ApocalypseShadow1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

Interesting reasons. But there's really only one:

*Sony was ready for next gen.*

From development of the console, the launch games, the UI, the controller and the accessories like the media remote and 3D headphones. Sony was ready while still providing content for last gen. Gamers laughed at Mark Cerny. Now they are eating crow.

With all the talk and nonsense about Sony saying nothing, from journalists, influencers and gamers spreading false information. It is Sony's system that is sought after the most worldwide.

That's called "Generations." Giving gamers a feeling of something they haven't experienced before. Sony has done that successfully across the board. Not an extension of last gen. An evolution. Possibly, a revolution in sight, sound and feel.

That's what a market leader does. Gives reasons why you should buy their product. The only way to do that, was for Sony to hide what they were doing from their opponent. And speak when something needs to actually be said.

lelo2play1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

"Sony was ready for next gen."

Microsoft released a console without exclusives. This is a first...The Xbox Series clearly wasn't ready to be released.
BTW, Microsoft with it's stupid console names doesn't help. Their marketing department needs to be fired.

ABizzel11013d ago

The marketing department is one of the areas I think does their consistently well at Xbox. They didn't come up with the name alone, they simply pitched ideas and that's what the Execs choose. They do good at advertising and marketing the console, services (GamePass), hyping their fans, and maintaining engagement.

Now the other parts of the business have all been questionable. The hardware engineers are fine, the software engineers are fine, and the game studios should hopefully be fine with the new talent. But fine isn't going to get their mindshare and marketshare, and every other area is subpar IMO.

ABizzel11013d ago

"With all the talk and nonsense about Sony saying nothing, from journalists, influencers and gamers spreading false information. It is Sony's system that is sought after the most worldwide."

100% this, but I wouldn't even call them journalists anymore, as even these major publications are practically bloggers at this point, some of them don't even have core gaming experience and are writing reviews on games. The games journalist industry had degraded significantly from the PS360 era.

Now we have sensationalist, people just cramming to get the scoop first, or the most catchy / or trollish headline whether it's true or not.

franwex1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

I don’t recall any gamer laughing at Mark or Sony. If anything they were the ones that created the most excitement regarding next gen.

ApocalypseShadow1012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

Basically meaning that some gamers didn't believe in Mark Cerny's design of the console. That it was underpowered compared to Microsoft's. Instead, it's just designed differently to be optimized. And it shows in PS5 1ST and 3RD Party games in comparison.