Bloodborne, Demon's Souls PS5 Producer Leaves Sony Japan Studio

Bloodborne, Demon's Souls, and Soul Sacrifice producer Terujuki Toriyama has announced he will be leaving Sony Japan Studio at the end of December.

masterfox1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Well that's sucks, but maybe this time with new staff members will be getting a patch for Bloodborne for 60 fps in the PS5 or finally some new information for a sequel.

Sunny_D1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

How would that mean more information for a sequel if the director left? 🤔

Vanfernal1068d ago


The director is Miyazaki from From Software.

Rambokind1068d ago

He's not the director. How dumb can you be?

Silly gameAr1067d ago

Miyazaki was the director. wtf are you talking about?

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Fluttershy771067d ago

Yeah @Sunny_D made a mistake. But maybe his question stands... he meant, of course how would this affect a possible sequel when the main producer left?
Well I'm not sure. Because I don't really know how important or instrumental to the FromSoft/Sony deal this guy was. The whole bloodborne business was kind of weird... FromSoft made Demon Souls exclusively for the PS3. Then achieved a MASSIVE success with Dark Souls and DKS2, and then went back to create an exclusive game for the PS4... Which made me buy a PS4 at the time, so I think it was very beneficial for Sony, but not as much for the game, has not sold as well as any of the multiplatform Dark Souls... and even Sekiro sold twice as much... So if this guy was the one responsible for the FS/Sony Bloodborne he did something great there, and sony will miss him

Silly gameAr1067d ago


Yeah, I see that now. My mistake Rambokind.

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RaveTears1068d ago

A lot of top developer are leaving Japan Studio and I am so what worry since SIE is mostly focus on western.

TriniOutsider1068d ago

This is a producer, not a dev.

CaptainHenry9161068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Hmm a few people have left Sony Japan. Maybe because of Jim Ryan direction. Oh wait what is his direction?

Silly gameAr1068d ago

The used car salesman of Sony Corp. Not really a fan of that guy.

potatoseal1068d ago

Used car salesman? You MUST mean Phil Spencer.

Silly gameAr1067d ago

Phil is the ultimate used car salesman, potatoseal.

justsomeoffdude1068d ago

Jim Ryan doesn't give a fuck about playstation in asia in general, Just look at the ps5 launch in those regions...some countries "launched" with no ps5 stock for people to buy on launch day!! ps5 in still yet to launch in some countries in that region, so yeah... not surprised with the Japan Studio guys leaving. Playstation asia is a low tier market as far as jim ryan is concerned.

Knushwood Butt1068d ago

Japan certainly got shafted for the PS5 launch - only 250K units allocated to Japan to date judging by the sales figures so far. The odds of winning a lottery are ridiculous.

Still, in a way Japan sealed their own fate with that because the PS4 didn't sell well compared to other regions.

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DOMination-1067d ago

To be fair, production has had to be limited due to Covid. Although I honestly never rayed Ryan or House and was surprised either of them got the gig

Knushwood Butt1067d ago

Just anecdotal but Australia seemed to do OK. I know 2 Australians on my friend list and they both have PS5s. Of course they may have bought them from scalpers.

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NeoGamer2321068d ago

Can people please stop posting these as news?

This stuff happens all the time in the industry. Move along people, move along.

Sunny_D1068d ago

Well if he is a producer, it’s a bit different and more notable than an environmental artist leaving a studio to be honest.

NeoGamer2321067d ago

Before today, I bet that 90% of gamers could not name this producer.

Games are a lot more then a producer or anyone else for that matter. They take a highly talented team all around to create.

frostypants1067d ago

Producers are glorified project managers.

Lionsguard1068d ago

This IS news. When people responsible for the success of whatever studio or product leaves, it's a sign of changing quality for better or worse. Look at what has happened to Bioware and Blizzard for example.

NeoGamer2321067d ago

This guy is not responsible for success he is responsible to produce games.

Marketing is responsible for success.

porkChop1068d ago

This is news. Quite a few people have been leaving Japan Studio.

NeoGamer2321067d ago

Then, the headline should be, "Why is Japan Studio losing so many people".

Then, list the people leaving, and show how that is a higher percentage then any normal studio. If there are 300 people at the studio you can expect a turnover of 2-3% per year.

StoneColdCrazy1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

And join Microsoft