Back 4 Blood Hands-On Preview (PS5 & PS4) - PlayStation Universe

PSU Writes: "Find out why Back 4 Blood is Left 4 Dead done right, by the people who made the genre so successful in our Back 4 Blood PS5 and PS4 hands-on preview."

cellfluid1071d ago

So the title says ps5/ps4 but you played the pc version...


Top 30 Best Xbox Series X Games You Need to Experience (2023 Edition)

We take a look at 30 of the best games available on Xbox Series X and discuss what exactly makes them so great in the first place.

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Gamingsince198113d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It's lies anyway , it has starfield in the list

SoloGamer113d ago

i can experience most of these on PS5.. most of these arent XB exclusive.. why would i play multiplatform games on an inferior console.. when i can play them on the winning console, ps5.. that actually has way more awesome EXCLUSIVES.

Plague-Doctor2713d ago

Cause you can't play all of them on a PS5? Maybe people prefer the Xbox controller? Maybe that specific game runs better on Xbox?

Why play multiplats on a PS5 when you can experience them on a PC?

The3faces13d ago

So Series X is the inferior console compared to PS5? Um ok...

Wretchedstain13d ago

Clicks and likes, clicks and likes clicks and likes... clicks and likes clicks and likes clicks and Liiiiiiiiiiiikes...

DeusFever12d ago

Only 30 games? Wow, that must have been super hard to narrow down.

zacly12d ago

This list just shows how bad xbox is struggling. I have been an xbox owner since the original on day one. This generation caused me to switch over to playstation and I haven't looked back. They need to stop buying all these companies up and start investing in some games


'Fight 4 Your Friends' Humble Bundle Includes Back 4 Blood, Zombie Army 4, and More

"The latest Humble Bundle, "Fight 4 Your Friends," is of particular interest since it contains nothing but co-op games! Players can get 4 great games for $10 or donate $15 to get the full six games, including Back 4 Blood and Zombie Army 4. Having played 5 out of the 6 bundled games, I can assure you that this is a great value, especially if you can get a friend to grab the bundle for some cooperative multiplayer!" says Co-Optimus.

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Best Zombie Games for Xbox One

GF365: "Here are the best zombie games for Xbox One. Many of these post-apocalyptic zombie games are also available on other platforms. Plus, you can play any of these games on Xbox Series X and S via backward compatibility."

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