DualSense ruined shooters for me

"Why? Because it's too good. I'm finding myself needing the haptic feedback in all games to really appreciate them. I know, I'm spoiled, but I hope Microsoft gives us something similar or even better"

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DJStotty391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Why no PS5 tag when this is an article about Dualsense? Instead we have a Series X tag and Gears 5?

(I would have created a report but i cant lol)

SullysCigar391d ago

I understand why the tags are there, but yes, PS5 needs adding.

He's saying games without haptic feedback and adaptive triggers feel as if they're not the full experience and giving examples.

DJStotty391d ago

Yeah i understand the tags, just needs a few more adding.

On topic, i hope MS adapt the controller to implement something similar, i can't see it though.

mikeslemonade391d ago

Dual Sense(DS5) is the most overrated controller. The triggers break easily and I predicted that.

Babadook7391d ago

@Above. I’ve never heard that even once. I’ve heard many people praise it though, even Xbox faithful who s as Kai bought ps5 so it’s unlikely there is an issue with triggers breaking.

mikeslemonade391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Search PS5 loose triggers on YouTube. Just the whole feel of it when you are on resistive triggers is not a good idea. I’d turn off that gimmick if given a chance. That’s a easy way of ruining your $70 controllers.

AspiringProGenji391d ago

Yeah you tell us @Mike how Sony would sell some defective feature to break controllers... oh wait my iPhone also has haptics... should I check it inside to see if its broken too?

DJStotty391d ago

No Mike,

I disagree, the DS5 is not overrated, that is proven by being the most sold peripheral of the current generation.

mikeslemonade391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

The Wiimote was also a record seller, but I wouldn’t confuse that as a good controller.

I didn’t say it was a conspiracy that Sony did it on purpose. But they also didn’t do a good job at testing and correcting it. And resistive triggers is a gimmick, I prefer the smooth triggers on the Xbox. I play on both PS5 and Series X evenly.

S2Killinit390d ago

Mikeslemonade is doing some olympic level backflips over here. Reeks of desperation (as my fellow Demons Souls players would say)

SullysCigar390d ago

"Search PS5 loose triggers" - yeah, because you'd never get idiots making fake reports on YouTube due to favouring another brand...

If you have to search for it, it's probably either fake or not wide spread. You could search "man sets fire to neighbour's cat" and probably find a few instances, that doesn't mean all people are broken and evil.

Muigi390d ago Show
mikeslemonade390d ago (Edited 390d ago )

^haha just keep denying it. Keep using those triggers that way and you will find out. It's just common sense the mechanism doesn't feel that sturdy. Then next you will blame sony that your $70 controller is ruined and then cry for a refund from Sony.
watch this video, he's a review channel of consumer electronics, he has both consoles.. so he's not partisan for one over the other. Then read the comments.
many topics about this on reddit. Google loose triggers reddit and there's a full page of results and people commenting.
There's even repair guides and read the comments. I'd say it's pretty widespread. My PS3 triggers eventually got loose, but this is much quicker. One month in and there's issues.

mikeslemonade390d ago

ahahaha add me on PSN to see my PS5 icon, I payed $775 for my PS5. I've already completed Demon Souls several weeks ago.

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GlitchEffect391d ago

Sorry! You're absolutely right. We fixed it! Since the article is also about Xbox Series, we forgot...

TheProblem391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

"I hope Microsoft gives us something similar or even better"

Microsoft aren't creative innovators. They will never do better. In seven years they managed to copy the PlayStation controllers share button.

I'm sure given a similar amount of time they will manage to copy the dualsense to some degree. It will most likely be a poor mans version.

While MS is trying to catch up Sony will have improved their controller tech much further

Sitdown391d ago

I guess you missed them focusing on latency, or the elite series. Yes, Sony did a phenomenal job, but stop acting like Microsoft is incapable of innovating.

Thatgrammar391d ago

The PS5 controller has less latency and they didn’t “focus” on latency. What is your point?
Start at 5:19 for latency.

lelo2play391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Well, Sony deliberately copied the Playstation 4 gamepad from the Xbox...

Rhythmattic390d ago

That grammar..

The misinformation of not being able to replace the battery in PS controllers is just embarrassing....

Drew345390d ago


Can you explain this? Then DualShock 4 looks nor functions nothing like an Xbox controller. But if you truely believe they copied Microsoft's controller, please explain how.

gamer7804390d ago

Uh ms started with the impulse triggers... they also made a whole new elite controller that is the best on the market right now so I don’t know what you are talking about. Ms and Sony have both innovated in controllers. Give credit to each platform holder.

Drew345390d ago

@ Sitdown

The Elite Series is more like a turbo controller rather than a standard one, which is why standard controllers don't use anything from them. Sony has constantly been standardizing the game controller to make games better since they first entered the hardware race. Microsoft would generally just copy from that since they don't take as many risks when it comes to things like that.

Now Nintendo is on a whole other level. They are more like Sony since they are willing to take those huge risks when pushing the controller standards. Sony will just do it a little bit better most of the time.

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lelo2play391d ago ShowReplies(2)
gamer7804390d ago

They should add ps5 to the tag But innovation is great for all consoles more games are now adding impulse trigger support for Xbox games now that Sony has pushed their feedback triggers. Like AC Valhalla.

andy85390d ago

Absolute rubbish mike. With ten million sold there's gonna be some defective. It's electronics. Even if 0.1% are defective. That's 10,000 defective controllers. As with anything the only people who speak up are the oned with issues so it seems far more widespread than it is. You clearly don't own a PS5 cause literally everyone I've spoke to with a PS5 says it's the best controller they've ever used.

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Thundercat77391d ago

Sony really nailed it with the Dualsense. It is indeed the only next Gen controller out there and the new standard.

Pretty sure Microsoft will try to copy the Dualsense.

DJStotty391d ago

Agree completely, the Series X pad is just an xbox one controller with a share button.

391d ago
DJStotty391d ago

Which is just a baby version of the duke lol

gamer7804390d ago

It’s updated slightly, it also has a better dpad that’s great For fighting games...

Teflon02390d ago

360 wired control to this day is one of the greatest feeling controllers

390d ago
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purple101391d ago

Pretty sure it's copyright patented etc..

Ryushaa391d ago

Haptic motors aren't property from Sony seeming as Nintendo Switch (and some cellphones?) also has haptic feedback. At least I'm certain that the sound actuators aren't a tech patented by Sony.
The Adaptive Triggers are patented, now if it is the idea of motors on the triggers or the Dualsense's specific design is another story.

porkChop391d ago

Advanced haptic feedback already existed, Sony doesn't own it. HD Rumble on the Switch is essentially the same tech, but it unfortunately isn't used by many devs.

As for the adaptive triggers, I'm not sure regarding any patents.

mandf391d ago

Haptic feedback feedback is not patented. You way way sony did it is patented.

Sayai jin391d ago

Not even close. Haptic feedback is not patented. Hence, Sony using it in the lovely dual sense.

S2Killinit391d ago

Sony’s haptic is different from what we had before as it is designed to mimic audio and its much more versatile. Sony has patents for its own haptics. Additionally, the adaptive triggers on the dualsense are also patented by Sony.

Babadook7391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

It’s strange to have to point this out every fricken time. Haptic feedback =/= resistive.

DJStotty391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

It is patented (think it is the adaptive triggers, not haptic/force feedback, and the way they have put it all together), but Microsoft can implement a different method to get similar results.

That is the only way to kind of "copy" tech. Either that or become licensed to use the patent, which will probably be the easier option for Microsoft.

RedDevils390d ago

@porkChop Just get dualsense and play on the PS5 and you wouldn't be comparing it to the switch pro.

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isarai391d ago

I really didn't expect to like it as much as i do, i thought it would be neat but not that big of a deal. But damn was i wrong!, it's a literal game changer, and so hard to play a game without it after experiencing it.

potatoseal391d ago

I don't know enough about electronics so obviously I'm speculating, but I don't think MS can with their design. They have inverted thumbsticks, so on the LEFT side of the controller, I don't think there is enough room to do what Sony have done. The mechanism Sony uses is pretty big.

purple101390d ago

Good point. They literally can't copy it unless they put the stick to where playstation has it. (Symmetrical)

SullysCigar390d ago

But how would all the people with asymmetric hands play games then? lol

Soulrakk391d ago

I still think ergonomically they fucked up the PS controller. Imagine a PS controller being bigger & bulkier than an Xbox controller & welcome to 2020. I guess it's OK to have bigger pads in Japan now. DualSense has pretty cool innovations, but the XSX controller feels damn near perfect lying in your hands.

thejigisup391d ago

Playing call of Duty on the ps5 for a day really changed a lot for me. I like a clean hud and seeing the ammo count has always felt a little tacky to me but after a few hours on my ps5 when I went and played zombies on my roommates Xbox the Xbox controller felt cheap. I imagine as more games take advantage of the haptic feedback and tension in the triggers we will see a much more clear line drawn when it comes to which is better. I would also argue that the dualsense form factor is greater than the xsx bc of the symmetry in the thumbsticks

BlaqMagiq1391d ago

Hard disagree. The DualSense is the best controller I've ever held that no other controller comes even close. In terms of feel and features it's a masterpiece. Xbox controllers have felt just okay to me. Their dpads are still behind the PS controllers.

391d ago