Videogames are a bigger industry than sports and movies combined, thanks to the pandemic

Not only have videogames grown to resemble competition-based, interactive movies, but COVID-19-related lockdowns have propelled the industry to make more...

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phoenixwing172d ago

Yet they still want to raise game prices

shepherdzeMan171d ago

personally, I don't care about prices! Just don't bring fucking politics into games, it has already fucked up Hollywood!

Kratos_Kart2007171d ago

Games have always been about politics!! What rock are you under?

Atticus_finch171d ago

So why are you talking about politics then?
And stop being a snowflake thinking is not that hard.

Sunny_D171d ago

What is politics? That’s such a broad term. The latest call of duty is political? Warfare is always political…

StormSnooper171d ago

People that complain about politics are EXACTLY the same people that DO bring politics into gaming because what they really mean to say is “I don’t want any developer to express themselves in a way that does not fit my worldview”

CrimsonWing69171d ago

Yea Jim Sterling did a piece on how there’s no real reason for the price raise.

I remember when N64 games were 79.99. Didn’t last long, I’ll tell you that much.

WelkinCole171d ago

A bigger market does not mean each games cost less to make or each game is guarantee to make a profit.

Tiqila171d ago

Yet they make more profit than ever...

Jerlemar171d ago

You know much work goes into making high-end games these days? Because the costs to develop are going up and you want to argue that prices shouldn't because the industry is doing better?

phoenixwing171d ago

Better? They're selling And making millions upon millions. Any dev who isn't an indie are more than fine financially for the most part.

Darthpaul84171d ago

Well a few greedy companies are. They are making more money than ever packing games with micro transactions and still have the nerve to try and charge 70$ for a game. If u notice every one of those 70$ games have been on sale plenty of times already

FinalFantasyFanatic171d ago

I'm just shocked at the amount of sales we've had this year, one ends, and a week or two later we have another one.

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Themba76172d ago

I remember back in the 80’s being laughed at and being an outcast for playin videogames now it’s bigger than everything now who’s laughing

purple101172d ago

well, apart from all the people doing sports, they are healthy or at least, healthy-er, people who just watched sports and didn't participate,,, they they got nothing out of it.

SullysCigar171d ago

Some of us do sports AND play videogames lol

There's still a degree of stigma even now, which is crazy. People think it's cool to mock gamers for some reason. As this article says, it was already huge and it's grown exponentially during 2020, yet still the masses and main stream media treat it like the ginger stepchild of entertainment. It makes no sense.

Unknown_Gamer5794171d ago

I'm sure there are still a lot of people who stereotype gamers to this day, but I'm equally sure many of those same people have spent much of the pandemic vegging out and watching Netflix, which is very much a solitary and sedentary activity that involves a lot of screen time.

lifeisgamesok172d ago

I love gaming. When I retire someday I'm just going to play games all day

Fist4achin171d ago

That's a retirement plan I can support. Backlog, here I come!

Sunny_D171d ago

Good luck in not getting burnt out on games. I think everyone experiences that.

S2Killinit171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Hopefully sport comes back roaring when we are done with this shitshow of a year. Movies too.

SullysCigar171d ago

They can't play sports if they're all kneeling.

S2Killinit171d ago

Oh come on man, I expect better from you. There is nothing wrong with showing solidarity with others’ grievances in my opinion. Politics aside, you would want and expect the same of your fellow man.

Sitdown171d ago

So in your mind, using the same allotted time to kneel in which they were typically standing prevents them from playing sports. You kneeling before Sony hasn't slowed down your ability to might say it actually increased your responding.

Why in the world would you have expected better? Have you not seen the post history?

Kabaneri171d ago

Gaming is gonna grow even more in the future, especially when VR reaches a point of fidelity that mirrors real life.

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