More Solo Content Coming To GTA Online In Future DLC

Single player DLC is coming to GTA 5... it's just going to be within the GTA Online portion of the game.

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CYALTR72d ago

Does this mean that you will be able to campaign without anyone bothering you, if so I am all in. Might be a way to introduce old farts like me into a MMO Universe.

TheRealTedCruz72d ago

Back in my day Rockstar used to release expansion packs.

Nodoze72d ago

THIS. Then Leslie was run out of the company, and now Dan has quit. It is really game over from a creative standpoint.

instantstupor72d ago

I wouldn't hold my breath for this being any kind of content like they were asking for in the beginning. Sounds like it'll just be GTA:O stuff, but with the ability to have your own private lobby kind of situation. Which I suppose is nice, but you still have to wonder why make something intended to be played alone playable only in the online portion of your game?

AnotherGamer72d ago

It took them this long to do it.

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