KFC's KFConsole Is Real: Secret Ingredient Is Intel Silicon

Grab your gaming mouse, chicken and probably some napkins because KFC is serious about the KFConsole. Teased this summer with more details being served up today, the KFConsole is a real-life gaming system built from an Intel NUC, a talented modder and a little belief from Colonel Sanders.

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Vits396d ago

Intel CPU + a Asus branded GPU. That is not bad.

396d ago
blackbeld396d ago

Really nice. I’ll buying it day one!

396d ago
rlow1396d ago

Keep em warm while you glitch on in Cyberpunk.

shepherdzeMan395d ago

yeah its kinda getting old!

Nuvem396d ago

But can it run Cyberpunk?

phoenixwing396d ago

it runs it in finger licking good mode :)

kneon396d ago

Can anything run Cyberpunk?

396d ago
FanboysKiller396d ago

But I hate the fact that high end pc components playing catch up game while the mid tier ones actually the ones that makes sense in many aspects, it used to be the opposite.

kneon395d ago


I was referring more to the bugs, not how many pixels you can push. The compilation videos I've seen are pretty funny, and also sad that a game ships with such bugs.

iplay1up2395d ago

The makers said it runs Cyberpunk "better than any console" look it up. I was surprised.

anubusgold395d ago

They said it had the power of a 2070 mobile chip so yes it can play cyberpunk on like medium settings and maybe a mix of high.

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badboyz09396d ago

I still got my sister Easy-Bake oven in the basement form like 25years ago. So I'm good.

Weapon_of_choice395d ago

You've been keeping your sister in your basement for over 20 years??? And what are U planning with her oven???

badboyz09395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Same S*8t you guys are planning to do with this KFC BS. Can't you read. In the basement you go.

Pancit_Canton396d ago

24 TF Confirmed.

It can run Crysis & Cyberpunk on 8K, 120fps with ray tracing

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The story is too old to be commented.