Hafnium Semiconductors To Revolutionize Semiconductor Design

New tech-breakthrough promised to improve all electronics, keep Moore's law alive for another 10 years.

Over the past few decades, consumers in America and other developed countries have lived in a world of blistering progress in all aspects of electronics. The progress from the first transistor in 1947, to the first semiconductor in 1959, to the modern consumer CPU is undoubtedly the most rapid development of a major technology in human history. The rapid progress has been characterized as Moore's law, which suggests that a balance between chip complexity (number of transistors) and cost-efficiency will steadily progress by a factor of two every year, 18, or 24 months (roughly, the 'law' is an empirical observation), meaning continuously greater processing horsepower at continuously decreasing prices. While the factor of two coefficient has sometimes been exceeded and sometimes not, the general curve of progress has been steady on the 24-month line since 1971...

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DG4900d ago

This means its possible to see a 24 Core console by 2010 if you follow Moores Law.