New Star Citizen Video Shows a Year of Development as Crowdfunding Passes $338 Million

Cloud Imperium Games released a new video of its growing space simulator Star Citizen, focusing on the past year.

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rlow173d ago

So if this game ever officially launches, will it be full of gas??? It's a beautiful game but they've been milking the cow for awhile now. Why not keep the gravey train a rollin?

Azurite73d ago

Star Citizen is an mmofps so it will have some kind of monetization, of course, just a matter of what kind.
They talked about allowing private servers a long time ago but we'll see how that goes, if it truly becomes a thing it will probably be rather limited because it will be hard to host such a game.

Smok9173d ago

“Sorry Cyberpunk, step aside for a moment”
- Star Citizen

Bathyj73d ago

Exactly. This is a disaster waiting to happen. It's like Devs are trying to cause another crash.

VenomUK73d ago

At least Cyberpunk 2077 released! The Star Citizen is years away, the single player has almost no chance of releasing in 2021.

slate9173d ago

Man at the 21 second mark...
Yall are doing a Year in Review video and THAT'S the best you could do for your background home setup??? LOL. Cmon man.

thejigisup73d ago

That bed creaks loud enough to wake the dead

vTuro2473d ago

Brace yourselves, salt is coming.

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