Major Konami Announcements on Monday

Konami of America has stated that there will be "earth shattering" news regarding the company and several titles they will be releasing. This is coming from the source itself so these are not just rumors

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kingboy4908d ago (Edited 4908d ago )

NO, Pro evolution soccer + Zone of enders for ps3

UrbanJabroni4907d ago

I'd file that under "interesting". Nowhere near earth-shattering.

Earth-shattering would be an announcement that MGS4 will be released solely on the new N-Gauge platform. ;)

T-Virus4908d ago

Because they're 'earth shattering.'

CyberSentinel4908d ago

I think I can see the Sony fans sweating.

ASTAROTH4908d ago

LOL!! I wish!!. Well everybody, start your predictions. I hope these are good news not bad ones like MGS4 on 360. FANATICS ...

Grown Folks Talk4908d ago (Edited 4908d ago )

they are making a next-gen silent hill, gyruss, rush'n attack, life force(with 99 lives code), castlevania, double dribble, silent service, blades of steel, top gun, track & field, q-bert, and skate or die. everybody knows this.

big_tim4908d ago (Edited 4908d ago )

Ha Ha :D

The Snake4908d ago

That would be way too awesome to be real.

FirstknighT4908d ago

Double Dribble! Track & Field! Blades of Steel! Oh yeah...the good ole days.

UrbanJabroni4907d ago "jiggle physics." Because we all know that, without jiggle physics, nothing can be called "earth-shattering." ;)

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