New footage revealed for the cancelled COD-like version of Doom 4

Today, some new in-game footage from the prototype versions of the cancelled COD-like Doom 4 surfaced online.

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Feralkitsune831d ago

What's cool is you can see some of the animations they kept and revised for 2016.

nirwanda831d ago

When you strip everything back you can really see how great the animation is.
It's amazing how far games have come.

glenn1979831d ago

For me its always interesting to see some prototype of a game of something else and see the final product on why they go another direction in the end

RaidenBlack831d ago

My favorite is the MGS:Rising vs MGR:Revengeance.(I preferred the Kojima's one)
Another interesting one is Splinter Cell Conviction Concept vs Retail

spicelicka831d ago

I don't see what is "COD-like" here? Just because there's 2 seconds footage with ironsight?

Concertoine831d ago

The devs were openly going for the cinematic shooter style that was popular in the years this was developed. COD-like Doom was pretty much the pitch.

Fluke_Skywalker831d ago

Looks pish, no wonder it got canned.