God of War Generated Half Billion In Revenue For Sony, Horizon Zero Dawn Hit 400M

Sony had an incredible sales success with their first-party IPs this generation with games like Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, Uncharted, and more.

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zsquaresoff182d ago

This is great news for us single player gamers and even better news for Sony who's investement in those single player games are showing great returns.

LordoftheCritics182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

V Good

Sony is clogging all the gaas leaks.

potatoseal182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

These numbers are over a year old, but still they paint a great picture for Sony moving forward

Welshy181d ago

These sales numbers must be false because sInGle PlAyEr gAmEs ArE dEaD.

piroh182d ago

I'm one of those who contributed to this number

shuvam09182d ago

Also shows why Sony doesn't wanna go down the Gamepass route. Not atleast right away.

RauLeCreuset182d ago

They outright said why they don't want to go down that route while trying to remain polite toward MS in their explanation. You would be forgiven for thinking the Game Pass model is a proven model if you're listening to some people tell it.

Ezio2048182d ago

I am sure God of War would have generated much more than $500 million.

LordoftheCritics182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

If it was multiplat, it would do some serious damage on the top 10 sales everywhere.

xHeavYx182d ago

If it was a multiplat then the PS4 wouldn't have outsold Xbox 3 to 1

bouzebbal182d ago

If it was multiplatform no one would care for ps4. Sony is perfectly right to keep high quality software exclusive

DarXyde182d ago

That's a bizarre point to make and not even necessarily true. It's done pretty well in Top 10s as an exclusive - being on other platforms doesn't really guarantee that it would do well on other platforms. One can also argue that making it multiplatform would likely result in compromise for the scale and scope of the game since a multiplatform game is always made with the lowest common denominator in mind (which, if multiplatform, would be the Xbox One or Switch). If that happened, the game might actually not be as well-received as it is because it appealed to the lowest common denominator and sacrifices were made to everyone's experience. Just a thought.

That comment aside, Horizon's numbers are actually outstanding. A new IP is not far behind an established franchise (though Horizon has also been out longer). Sony's got great talent, and both games really deserve their success.

Sunny_D182d ago

Yeah the numbers are from 2019. So most likely even more now.

LucasRuinedChildhood182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

That figure comes from some time in 2019.

EDIT: Hadn't reloaded the page and seen the comment above mine.

RauLeCreuset182d ago

That breaks down to over 8 million full priced purchases as of 2019.

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Rimeskeem182d ago

Makes me wonder what Spiderman hit...

SonyStyled182d ago

Umm... not sure. But after purchasing Insomniac for $230 million Id think the studio was almost purchased for ‘free’ in that game alone, excluding development and publishing costs of course

Eonjay181d ago

Another wrench 🛠️ to throw into the equation is that the money generated was probably split between Disney/Marvel, and Sony.

roadkillers181d ago

^ You think so? I know Sony keeps all of the movie revenue as long as they make a new spiderman every couple of years.

RememberThe357181d ago

Sony owns the right to Spider-Man only in movies, I don't think they even own the TV rights. Marvel still owns Spidey outside the movie sphere, Insomniac has stated a few times they asked to work on Spider-Man. Marvel went to Sony to make a game for them, Sony went to Insomniac to see if they wanted to do a Marvel game and Insomniac asked to make a Spider-Man game. I think the ability to tie into the movies is just a bonus.

WelkinCole181d ago

Apparently Spidernan sold 13.2 million copies vs 12 million copies for GOW.

Forbidden_Darkness181d ago

That was based upon July 28th, 2019 and it's definitely sold way more. I see a few articles stating over 20 million now, though Sony themselves haven't officially announced sales for it recently.

masterfox182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Even more awesome to know is that Horizon is a totally new IP and generated this amount is freaking insane!, Tsushima is also another successful new IP that is breaking sale records, as always Sony and their Developers demonstrating that are best of this gaming industry hands down!

LoveSpuds182d ago

Dont forget Days Gone, despite a determined attempt by games commentators (I refuse to use the term journalists!) to damage the sales of that game, it went on to sell by the bucket load.

When you consider how good Sony's exclusive content was on PS3, it is bonkers to think that they improved on that performance in the PS4 generation. Lets hope that the trend continues and PS5 improves on the PS4 exclusive library, although I have to say, I don't think we need to hope, it seems to be Sony's modus operandi.

masterfox182d ago

True , Days Gone is another high selling new IP, Playstation has hits from every angle :D

RememberThe357181d ago

I have legit gripes about Days Gone that no one here wants to hear, but even with that I loved the game. It's actually breathtaking in parts and the hoards at the end are crazy fun to fight. There's some big corners that were cut in the story telling that I think hurt the experience. The game could have been smaller and more polished and I think it would have been better for it. That second half really dragged on and without spoiling anything, the key relationships developed very weirdly IMO. I'd say more, but people need to play this game if they haven't.

LoveSpuds181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

The game wasnt perfect and I agree to an extent that it was a little bloated however, it was still a really solid game and didn't deserve the treatment it received from games websites.

The issues with Days Gone in respect of open world bloat are just as prevalent in most other open world games but these same commentators ignore it when they choose. Just look at the critical reception of Valhalla, my god that game is so bloated with repetitive content and a needlessly large world.

S2Killinit182d ago

Horizon gameplay was just fun as heck. Im glad they are reaping the rewards of a job well done.

RememberThe357181d ago

Honestly some of the smoothest gaming ever. Aiming, movement, camera, just incredible.

Lionsguard181d ago

It's hard to believe that HZD looked as good as it does. It still looks like it belonged on PS5. Guerilla pulled some black magic when making that game.