CD Projekt investors may sue over Cyberpunk 2077's "misleading information"

"CD Projekt may have issued materially misleading information to their shareholders and investing public," alleges one complaint.

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Rachel_Alucard1004d ago

The ironic part is if CDPR can prove they were pressured by the investors to release early, then their whole case gets thrown out.

bouzebbal1004d ago

Unrealistic expectations.. This studio has become so arrogant, they just lost everything.

RPGer1004d ago

Well this studio is just shallow shell of what they used to be 4 years ago.

The team behind The Witcher 3 been replaced or resigned. I remember somewhere saying it is like only 35 developers out of 150 or 200 are still in the studio. The developers of Cyberpunk are over 400 or even over 450. So, TW3 developers were the minority and have no control on the development and decisions.

Exactly the case of Dragon Age.

lucian2291004d ago


they were never good; witcher 1 and 2 sucked, and 3 had bad combat but was a passable game with a good story after all the detective garbage

1004d ago
esherwood1003d ago

Lol really that’s it? Release a game with a couple of bugs and all those good thing u did in the past mean nothing? I swear gamers are just miserable people that’s why they’re so quick to beat people down

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GamerRN1004d ago

It'll be hard to prove the mislead. "runs surprisingly well on last gen base consoles" can literally mean anything

Eonjay1004d ago

This is where you employ common sense. No one would mistake surprising well to mean it care runs. And given that the CEO said this in lieu of actually showing anything is telling as well. It is well know that guidance for sales within the company, known to investors was 30 million. This is unrealistic for an obviously broken product.

GamerRN1004d ago

In a court of law, it's not YOUR interpretation, it's the English language meaning and definition. Good luck!

CS71004d ago

The lack of knowledge of people discussing this game is astounding.

Here is a list of items they blatantly LIED about during the marketing of the game.

Apart from which, they directly HID console footage before reviews to ensure that they keep millions of dollars.

To all their defenders, take CDPR’s dildo out your a**.

GamerRN1003d ago

So I read your list of things they supposedly didn't include. Almost everything listed is the one way or the other. You can argue all you want but the language they used can be taken in many ways. When it comes to a lawsuit, it has to be far more obvious than that, and then offering refunds almost eliminates any damages. Don't forget, you have to prove damages

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lodossrage1004d ago

I don't see how anyone could give Rachel_Alucard a disagree here.

What's the common them with each of these issues with Bioware, Blizzard, Bethesda, and now CDPR. Every one of them are constantly getting pushed by management, who in turn they themselves are pushed by investors.

Atom6661004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

Because that's not how the law works?

All publically traded businesses are "pushed" by investors. Pressure for success is not a defense to misleading investors with false statements.

BattleCat1004d ago

They had many years time. They had a very big mouth and fake promises.
And i need to go back to ps1/ps2 times, to find this great physics and ai, which cyberpunk offers .)

esherwood1003d ago

Hearing u losers be so hyper critical of other people is hilarious. I bet everyone of you sucks at your job

Michiel19891004d ago

@rachel why? its totally legal to pressure something you invested in, its cdpr's fault for bowing down to it.

lodossrage1004d ago


If you don't do a job that your boss pays you to do, what happens to you?

Michiel19891004d ago

@lodos except investors arent bosses, the management at cdpr are the bosses......also this was eluding to how well the argument of: "investors pressured us so we released a total unplayable game after 8 years of development" would hold up in court, not about if investors are bosses or not.

Rachel_Alucard1003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )

If you read the CEO's own words he's already screwed himself because he stated "They felt no internal or external pressure to release early" so in other words, they can no longer use that as a defense nor did they bow down to anything. Even if he was lying about that, it's too late now for him to go back on it. I feel most of the comments made about the current gen versions running surprisingly well were nothing but puff pieces similar to other statements made, like the "as polished as RDR2" comment from a dev. If they try to claim things like that in court that may hurt the case. Regardless, I'd like to see some accountability done for once in the industry. Tired of letting greed overtake everything.

annoyedgamer1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

Most likely

Atom6661004d ago

"Investors" meaning shareholders? No, that's not a defense.

cell9891004d ago

Or if the investor was duped out of large amounts of money for an unfinished product after 8 years

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Muzikguy1004d ago

What's crazy is if the misleading led to huge sales it wouldn't be an issue

lodossrage1004d ago

THAT is a very good point you made.

These investors are really just blame pushing. They were more than likely in the camp of pushing these developers to be done within a certain time frame, even if it meant bugs and issues. But now that it blew up in their face and that money is on the line, they want to look like their on the right side by suing the company they themselves pushed into this situation.

Jon_Targaryen1003d ago

No one is suing anyone...... yet. Calm your tits.

Vanfernal1004d ago

Ironically, it did lead to huge sales... Then to massive refunds.

Nitrowolf21004d ago

the issue isn't that it didn't lead to huge sales, because it did.
The issue these investors are having is because it did lead to huge sales, but because of all the outrage it lead to stock tanks, the opposite of what should have happened cause sales were so high

zsquaresoff1004d ago

CDPR has taken wrong decisions that is why they see themselves in hot water right now, the real question is, the game was in development for 8 long years, how come it has issues? I think the blames goes to the dev's as well.

Rocosaurus1004d ago

It has not been in development for 8 years, 4 at the most.

RememberThe3571004d ago

People keep saying this, but development started in like 2018. They announced the game before they even started making it.