The Callisto Protocol: How Striking Distance Studios is creating survival horror of the future

If you saw The Game Awards, then you known Call of Duty and Dead Space veterans are creating The Callisto Protocol, a new survival horror game coming in 2022. Striking Distance Studios has quickly built a team of 150 developers in San Ramon, California, to create a science fiction game in the survival horror genre.

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medman310d ago

Looks very promising........and hopefully, very terrifying.

MrBelasco310d ago

I miss Dead Space so much that I began another play through last night. Aside from some graphical improvements this game was innovative and well ahead of its time.

1nsomniac310d ago

The games set in the PlayerUnknown universe... is that supposed to be a joke?

I thought this was a proper new Dead Space. I mean the trailer is even an engineer with the green light meter on his back. What’s going on?