The Last of Us Part 2: GOTY 2020

The Last of Us Part 2: Hate It / Love It point of view The Last of Us Part 2 basically cleaned house at the VGA’s and continues to clean up awards from various media outlets, and as expected it has become a point of contention among those who liked or loved the game and those who disliked or even hated it.

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jreeves82147d ago

Where is the ps5 update for this game. It could easily run this at 60fps.

Mr_Luke147d ago

i was thinking about the same thing. I'd really like to play with enhanced fps and maybe some extra effects (even tho it doesn't really need these, since its graphics are incredible already).

ABizzel1146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

This. A 60fps mode is all I'd really want. Although I'll settle for a 4K resolution if possible, and improved lighting (global illumination).

elazz146d ago

I hope they release Factions first though. I'm looking for a grounded multi-player game.

LucasRuinedChildhood146d ago

It that update is actually coming, I think it will be released at the same time as Factions. Hopefully, it won't come with a price tag like Spiderman Remastered (a bit crazy, tbh) and gets haptic feedback support (tension when pulling back on the bow)

REDGUM145d ago

60fps is just the tip of the iceberg of what a true remaster could look like on the ps5.
Take you're time NG, I can't wait to dive back into this game in a fresh new looking environment.

That been said, hurry up NG lol.

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AnotherGamer147d ago

Still waiting on the Multiplayer update or stand alone.

The_Sage146d ago

A truly amazing masterwork. And it looks better than the new gen games.

ClayRules2012146d ago

So true! Naughty Dog (while all of Sony’s studios brought it and raised the bar above each other again and again in different areas) respectfully, ND as usual, showed why “in my opinion” they’re the best in the industry in graphical detail and pushing not only hardware to its absolute limit, but allowing artists, programmers, and so forth to shine in ways that some wouldn’t believe is possible, not just because of the hardware, but because of pure talent/knowledge of their craft.

My fiancé was playing Lost Legacy the other day and I was like “Wow” it’s still really so beautiful (as Uncharted 4 is obviously) but looking at some of the bushes that you go into cover for, I was like eh, because I was comparing them to TLOU2 and just how much better and more natural they move, more dense and compacted they are, and just how more realistic it all interacts with your character is shocking. Little things like that, those improvements make a difference to me.

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