Gran Turismo 7 Producer Kazunori Yamauchi Discusses Importance of Attention to Detail & Improvement

Today, during the Gran Turismo Sport Nations Cup, Gran Turismo 7 producer Kazunori Yamauchi talked about the future.

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SullysCigar117d ago

Gotta say, I adore the Mazda RX Vision. Please make me one Mazda!

ApocalypseShadow117d ago

Commendable. The team does seem to strive for the best. Even with the smallest details.

I hope on PS5, that we get a full on VR mode. Sucked that it was so limited on PS4 because of the quest for perfection and higher quality. Early video showed multi car racing in GT Sport that was removed before launch. PS5's power should bring the next level of driving and full immersion in GT 7. No excuses this time.

I'm also looking at you Project Aces/Namco Bandai and Ace Combat 8. A few missions wasn't enough with how awesome it is in 7. Same thing. No excuses on PS5.

BenRC01117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

No one cares about the detail on a headlight filament. Make an exciting and ground breaking game like you did on the ps1. Repeating tracks in the mx5 to gtr grind is so 1990s, give us tracks with life in them, proper ai, something new and lived in like forza horizon, not the same sterile dull gameplay thats been done to death.

ApocalypseShadow117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Yeah. Because simulation racing is about smashing through debris in high performance cars. So good, the FIA approached Playground Games to give them their full support. Not the same type of game buddy.

Only thing it really needs is how weather and environment affect driving performance. Wind, rain, snow, dust, light, etc. That's all. Those things would also create background animation from things like trees, leaves and grass. Like Ghost of Tsushima in a way.

Sunny_D117d ago

Your issue is comparing a open world arcade racer like Forza Horizon to a driving sim racer that GT has always been known for.

Blade92116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Wrong type of game man especially if your comparing Forza Horizon to GT. Two different racers man. Just stick to Horizon dude.

solideagle117d ago

They released only game in last gen, I hope this time GT 7 comes with both online and offline, so it makes everyone happy :)

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