But Cyberpunk is a Great Game, Though

Mike & Alex have spent a week navigating the controversy surrounding Cyberpunk. While the overwhelming majority of commentators remain fixated on consumerist pet causes, the quality and content of the game (in its optimal state) has largely been forgotten. This episode features a continued discussion of why this approach is misguided… at least for people who care about video games. Also treating the greasy post-launch addition of a paid EXP boost to AC Valhalla.

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RazzerRedux1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Opinions, I think it is......though. Far from perfect, but overall it is great to me

ziggurcat1300d ago

The bugs makes the game objectively not good.

GreenDragonCVR1300d ago

The bugs make it... wait for it... a great game with bugs! Woah, never seen THAT before. Get yer cameras!

For reals tho, we are simply arguing that, esp considering the existence of an optimal build, the bugs are a matter of expression of the game (not the thing being expressed). Akin to "gum on my seat in theater, bad movie" or "smudged words on page, terrible novel 1/10". The lies are a consumer matter, not anything to do with the game OBJECTIVELY. An investor matter too incidentally, looks like there might even be criminal charges.

Least they shat out gold one last time before embarrassing themselves and getting sent to prison LOL.

RazzerRedux1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )


"Least they shat out gold one last time before embarrassing themselves and getting sent to prison LOL."

Are you being serious? You think class action lawsuits are due to crimes committed? Prison? Is that supposed to be a joke?

lonewolf101299d ago

I'm enjoying too it on PC, only a few bugs where I had to restart from an autosave and the odd glitch. About 40 hours in now on 1st play through, a solid 8-9/10 from me. Shame it has been marred by the last gen console version.

gamer78041299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Sure @ziggurcat objectively the bugs in the game are bad, bugs in any game are bad but the game overall imo is really good and I think overtime it will be great. If you don’t like the game outside the bugs that’s fine all preference.

Dragonscale1299d ago

Agreed razzer, some people would hate on this game even if it was perfect.

RazzerRedux1299d ago


It is crazy. We had some posters here jumping on the game the minute the first sub-8 scored review came out. It was as if they just couldn't wait to pounce on this game and would be disappointed if it were actually good. That kind of shit is dumbfounding. I want every game to be great.

Dee_911299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

thats your opinion
here's a fact
they lied about the state the game to its largest consumer base.
Like I said you can enjoy the game all you want, but I just don't see the fascination with telling people whose clearly not happy after waiting years, how happy you are with the game.. like what do you expect exactly ? lol

RazzerRedux1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )


Are you serious? There are plenty of games out there that I despise that others love. So what? Should I tell these people to shut up because it hurts my feelings that they are enjoying something I don't? That's basically what you are saying and frankly, that's just bullshit.

If someone is offended by others thinking this game is great then they probably should not have clicked on a post on n4g titled: "But Cyberpunk is a Great Game, Though"

You should be asking those people what THEY expect. Not me.

Dee_911299d ago


Are you intentionally missing the point? A vast majority of the fan base, the devs and even sony thinking the game isn't up the par, and publishers flat out lying isn't the equivalent to you in particular not liking some random video game that others like...
Whose offended? I think it's more so counter productive. You're making it personal because you're intentionally missing the point, to try to make a point.. 🙄 and on that note im over it.

RazzerRedux1298d ago


No, I understand the point entirely. You are whining about me saying I'm enjoying the game when there are people who are not happy with the game. How dare I have an opinion that goes against the "vast majority"....is that it? Guess what? Not everyone is having the same experience with this game. The primary issues here are with base last gen consoles. Did I come in here pulling out the "PC master race" card and making fun of console owners for their bad experience? Not at all. I stated my opinion that agrees with the damn article title. And for that....you got butthurt. Oh f*cking well.

"Whose offended?"

lol...you are. It is so obvious.

"You're making it personal because you're intentionally missing the point, to try to make a point."

That's a lie. You came after me here so stop pretending that I made it personal. You made it out like I was enjoying rubbing it people's faces that I enjoy the game or some such bullshit which I never did.

"and on that note im over it."


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RazzerRedux1300d ago

"The bugs makes the game objectively not good."

I disagree. And that is an opinion. It is not objective.

Omegasyde1299d ago

Game doesn’t work for many and riddles with bugs but gets a pass because of the story?

This is sad.

RazzerRedux1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )


Who said "because of the story"? I like the gameplay and I like the RPG elements like the cyberware mods. And yeah, the story is great too.

What is "sad" is people having a problem with others actually liking a game as if it is personally offensive. That is quite sad.

DJStotty1299d ago

That is the day and age of films/gaming, if someone gets offended they strive to get the film/game banned or discredit it.

I'm just glad i'm a guy where absolutely nothing offends me, and on topic, can not wait to play this game.

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RazzerRedux1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

You are seriously trying to tell me that my opinion is objectively wrong and your opinion is objectively right?

Seriously? You know that is not true.

InUrFoxHole1299d ago

Dude give it a break. The game is trash. Now thats not to say once it's fixed it'll be a great game. As it stands though... trash

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DJStotty1299d ago


That's like saying a Mclaren P1 car is "trash" because you can't drive it.

The same applies here, a game is not "trash" just because some people have issue with the content.

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CrimsonWing691299d ago

Funny how opinions work. I hate the bugs, but the game itself is pretty great. You take the bugs out it’ll still be the same game... just without the bugs. Removing the bugs doesn’t change it into some totally different game. Let’s be real, here.

Omegasyde1299d ago

There’s quests that can be completed because of bugs. So yea it does change the game when fixed

CrimsonWing691299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )


Yea, the change is the bugs not the game or the mission; all of the game still will be the same. That’s my point. Bugs get fixed and the game is still the same game. Not rocket surgery, here.

Shiken1299d ago

As someone who has not had any crashed for performance issues (quality mode) on my Series X, I can tell you that it is indeed a great game. Anyone that got burned on last gen consoles def deserves their money back, which they are getting. Having said that, I will not shit on the devs that worked hard to make a great game just because a few people in management dropped the ball. The actual Devs themselves had nothing to do with this disaster of a launch.

Artemidorus1299d ago

It is but you can't see past the bugs.

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NovusTerminus1299d ago

As someone who has not encountered any glitches, and just dealt with slightly low performance (50ish fps on PC) I think it's an alright game.

RgR1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Neither is the last of us 2...see we all have opinions.

Bad writing and story makes it subjectively or objectively bad.

How about for those not experiencing horrible bugs?