Best of 2020: Astro's Playroom, and Tom's other GOTY picks

Tom Orry: "I thought Astro's Playroom was going to be a throwaway pack-in title. I was wrong. Sony's PS5 freebie is one of the best games of 2020."

Jin_Sakai890d ago

Great game. Can’t wait for more Astro Bot.

fr0sty890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

Astro's VR game is still to this day one of the best ever made for the format, and easily the best, mario-quality platformer available in VR. It showed how VR could not only make those games look cool, but provide gameplay opportunities simply not possible on a flat screen (you could try, but it would be an annoyingly unplayable mess with the camera issues you'd face). Not to mention it making you a physical presence in the game, able to headbutt objects and such.

SullysCigar890d ago

Agreed - anyone who enjoyed Astro's Playroom, needs to play Astro Bot: Rescue Mission on the PSVR. It's pure joy and platforming gold!

Storm23890d ago

Played through this game a second time yesterday. So amazing. Dual sense use is unbelievable and the time trials are fun to do after also. I need my PSVR so I can play through Rescue Mission. Hopefully I can go home sometime soon to get it.

StormSnooper890d ago

Loved it. I really want astrobot’s next VR game!

SyntheticForm890d ago

Astro's Playroom is a very intelligent little game that makes a good case for the DualSense. Pleasant to play, and a nice homage to the PS brand as a whole.

Got the platinum yesterday; looking forward to more.