GameSpot's Game Of The Year 2020 - Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx is an incredible blend of the best VR concepts with expert execution, and it paints the storied franchise in a whole new light. There's just nothing like it.

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RaidenBlack79d ago

"We know this is not a game that anyone can play right now because of hardware limitations; stuff that some of us here at gamespot just have a privilege to be able to use. Ultimately access did play a part in the debates for game of the year but also quality and innovation does as well. And Alyx delivers in bucket loads."

RazzerRedux79d ago

VR games should just have their own category. Otherwise, you have a case where the vast majority of gamers are saying....ok, if you say so.

shuvam0979d ago

I read "incredible blend" as "incredibly bland"...
What's wrong with me?