Cyberpunk Game Maker Faces Hostile Staff After Failed Launch

Rebellion is in the air at Polish video game publisher CD Projekt SA after the company’s highly anticipated, and thrice-delayed, latest title was released to scathing reviews about glitches.

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RaidenBlack351d ago

"Many industry observers have wondered why Cyberpunk 2077, which was first announced in 2012 and was delayed three times in 2020, still appears to be unfinished. Several current and former staff who worked on Cyberpunk 2077 have all said the same thing: The game’s deadlines, set by the board of directors, were always unrealistic. It was clear to many of the developers that they needed more time."

badz149351d ago

You will be surprised at how many out there that believes the last gen consoles are the ones at fault for all these mess, not CDPR. Many even go the extra mile by saying PS4 and xbone players should be thankful that they even got the game at all as this should be a "next gen only" game.

That's how disgusting these so called PCMR elitist which are now suddenly fine with the game running at 45-60fps on ultra setting even with the 3080.

thorstein351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

I would add that it isn't even "next gen" only. I play on PS5 and I still have major gamebreaking glitches and crashes that are unrelated to performance.

The game isn't finished whether you play on PS4, PS5, XBOSX, or an $8000 gaming PC.

Father__Merrin350d ago

I know just check out pc gameplay footage it still runs poor. This is sign of a poor developer that has lead developed on wrong system and has now backfired badly.

I don't think this will be fixed your better off with another title. Sony nor Microsoft or even Nintendo as a lesser company would never release a AAA in such a torrid state the game is broken on all formats

bouzebbal350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

This game should have been pushed to 2077

I'm out

spektical350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

for the record i have a 3080 and the game struggling to play well with ultra is blasphemous. This game is an unpolished gem. Its rough all over the place. Glitches galore, random crashes, game breaking bugs (i've been stuck several times in the scan mode when exiting a camera), missing features you see in other open world games like gta (tires flattened, AI isnt only a hands up, etc.)

In short this game needed possible another half year to get to the point of good enough to release on PC. I have no idea how management thought they could let consoles slide without revolt.

I also bought the game on console to play on my ps5 since I scored a a8h from costco. But have returned it (thank god i never opened it).

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WelkinCole351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

I kinda got that from some of reds interviews. Overly ambitious and were dismissive of devs who couldnt hack it in their view when in fact they were being unresonable

franwex350d ago

Eight years was an unrealistic expectation?

Rocketisleague350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Probably has individual.features and sprints causing shitty 'final build again.and again causing a crappy dev cycle with a never ending shitstorm of broken half finished features

I've experienced this first hand

shuvam09350d ago

Witcher 3 released in 2015, so probably around 2016 is when development would've really begun

SinisterKieran350d ago

Lol people seem to think companies only work on one game at a time. Probably worked on cyberpunk while making Witcher.

NotoriousWhiz350d ago

It's probably time for developers to stop announcing games years early (or at a minimum to stop announcing release dates) until the product is done and then they can say: "hey guys, we got this great game coming out next month"

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Knightofelemia351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

If I put blood sweat and tears and long hours into a game I would also demand answers especially if I am thinking to myself I am making a game I think people are going to like and enjoy. Refunds left right and center, buggy game, Sony taking it down is like a massive kick to the balls for the developer who actually gave a shit when he/she built the game. The higher ups should have listened to the staff pushed the game back worked out the bugs skip the holiday sales and launch the game when it was ready. I hate higher ups who only see sales rush it out the door patch it as we go call it a game just to get those holiday sales.

monkey602351d ago

Not to mention I'm sure that just like any other studio. Bonuses and rewards are paid based on reviews and sales data. Something I'm sure developers dont appreciate losing when they were forced to work nearly 2 months worth of 6 day weeks on mandatory overtime at last minute

RuloR_666351d ago

In other cases you are right but CPR already stated that the developers will get full bonus despite the problems and trouiblesome launch

monkey602351d ago

Oh I hadn't read that. That's a good thing at least.

DragonWarrior19351d ago

Yup, bonuses are typically based on Metacritic scores and when CP launched it was VERY clear the outlets that were going to give the game a 9/10 no matter what purely based on hype. Cyberpunk really exposed corruption all throughout the industry from board of directors and shareholders forcing deadlines, lazy developers who clearly bit off more than they could chew, Sony and MS certifying and allowing the game to be released on their platforms knowing full well the game's state, reviewers clearly being hype-biased and giving amazing scores. Now all of the people from news outlets are claiming they saw this trainwreck coming after years of hyping this game up saying it was going to be the best game of all time. Hopefully this sets a new standard for game development in the future, but we all know that won't happen.

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BlackIceJoe351d ago

With everything that is happening at CD Project Red I'm curious if there will be a mass walkout of developers and then go work at a different studio or create their own company.

It definitely will be interesting to see what comes next for all the workers.

Nerdmaster351d ago

Why? They know every other company will have the same problems, if not even worse.

ocelot07351d ago

Not every company rushes games to release. Look at Sony. They delayed Last of us 2 twice I think and sure they had some crunch periods. But look at the game once it released has won GOTY and praised by reviews.

Look at Gran Turismo. They take years to come out because they take there time. You don't see Sony pushing polyphony digital to fart one out every year.

rockwhynot351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

It doesn't have to be that way. If it is that way they start their own game development studio. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The technology that's out now is curtailed to the small team. Just look at No Man's Sky or Bright Memory: Infinite. A small team designed NMS ONLY on PC (which is arguably how 2077 should have been) and they put out a great game. BMI is literally made by one dude and was honored with gameplay reveal for the Series X.

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Ninver351d ago

Things must be in shambles at CD's studio right now. I anticipate several key employees walking out early to avoid any association with the studio. Dark times ahead.

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