Kena: Bridge of Spirits Screenshots Show Terrifying Enemies and Beautiful Village

Ember Labs, the developers of the upcoming PlayStation console exclusive Kena: Bridge of Spirits, has shared some new screenshots from the game.

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Jin_Sakai116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Can’t wait for this game! Beautiful visuals and combat looks good. The rot are also pretty dang cute.

gamer7804116d ago

This game does look cute I love the art style. But just FYI for anyone without a PlayStation it’s timed so you will be able to still play it a little later.

Einhander1971116d ago

This looks more and more gorgeous every time I see it.

SmokinAces116d ago

Sony are fools if they dont add this developer to the Playstation family, this game looks amazing and the developer seems like a perfect fit for them.

Applejack116d ago

Let’s wait and see before jumping to conclusions. This is their first game after all.

SmokinAces115d ago

And it looks to be a great one and a great fit for Sony Worldwide Studios, no jumping just confidence.

TheRealTedCruz116d ago

Welp, there's the Epic store BS popping its head up again.

Game looks interesting, but looks like I'm playing the waiting game again.