The Biggest Problem With Cyberpunk 2077 Is People’s Unrealistic Expectations Cyberpunk 2077 might not be perfect, but people are being unfair. Put simply, Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the best modern RPGs. It’s a genre leader. It’s certainly the best RPG since the studio’s last major game, The Witcher 3. It is not a life simulator or a GTA clone just because it has cars and a city.

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Neo111774d ago (Edited 774d ago )

Some of the screaming brats jumping into the hate train these days are forgetting one thing: Cyberpunk 2077 is an amazing RPG, not a GTA-style sandbox. The CDPR has never stated otherwise.
Also: if you are disappointed with the performance on last-gen consoles - it will be improved, as it was improved for The Witcher 3. But in fact, this game deserves to be played on a new generation with RTX effects. Fortunately, CDPR offers all last-gen game owners a free copy of new-gen.

rokkbrin774d ago

So basically, it's our fault, cdpr did nothing wrong, blame last gen, and if we don't like the game sucks to be us?

JEECE774d ago

They absolutely did something wrong. Releasing it on PS4 and Xbox One in the state it's in is unacceptable. We just disagree about the solution. Reasonable people see that the last gen consoles can't run this game, and recognize that they should have focused on the new consoles and PC. Everyone else seems to think that if they'd delayed again (which all these same people would have slammed them for doing) they could have magically made the game run on ancient hardware. Ironically, the longer they would have delayed to make it work on the old consoles, the less incentive there would have been to even release there.

RgR774d ago

Absolutely your fault. Why did you not wait for reviews?
A performance analysis? I always wait for both of those before purchasing a game.

esherwood774d ago

I’m playing on Xbox with zero problems so I think you’re just an entitled idiot

RememberThe357774d ago

No they aren't trolling. They actually think it's your fault a functioning business released a non-functioning, subpar mess. Somehow they've placed CDPR on such a high pedestal that if you notice anything wrong with them, it's your fault for noticing it. This is how people convince themselves of utter nonsense all the time. We're just seeing it so clearly because this situation is so obviously one sided.

frostypants774d ago

Nah. CDPR screwed up. AND people are being stupid. Both can be and are true.

TwistedXenos773d ago

People like you is why companies don't want to try making complex games like cyberpunk 2077 because they get punished for trying.

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CyberSentinel774d ago

CDPR should of just made the game next gen platforms and PC only.

Delay it (again) if it needed more time, or just cancel it altogether.

I preordered my copy because I believed in the quality of CDPR games. Similar to Rockstar and Nintendo and Sony first party games.

JEECE774d ago

Exactly. All these people saying they should have delayed another year to get the game to run on old consoles just prove the point that it never should have released there to begin with.

Imagine the goodwill Cyberpunk would have had if they'd have ditched the lost cause of the old systems a few years ago and gotten this in good shape as a launch game on both new systems. Instead they chased the "install base" and it destroyed their reputation.

RgR774d ago

In other had no clue.

Witcher 1, 2, and 3 released with some serious performance issues.
Not as many bugs perhaps but still had its share.

So in other believed in the quality that is not representative of their track record...unlike that of Nintendo for instance.

esherwood774d ago (Edited 774d ago )

It’s a free damn upgrade. Man thank god I don’t have a customer service job because there are to many spineless weasels out there

milohighclub774d ago

It should never have been announced 7 years ago, then they should have never hid the console version from everyone until after launch.

This was a purposefully deceptively move on behalf of cdpr

Anyone who hated on hello games should also be hated here.
It's worse here CD have all that AAA money from the witcher, yet still deceived everyone on a much larger scale and over a much longer time.

milohighclub774d ago

@Esherwood it's a free damn upgrade if you buy a £500 console or graphics card. (Neither available) the latter require some months of waiting.
Cdpr absolutely conned everyone but ots everyone else's fault it doesn't run on the system CDPR says it does.

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Army_of_Darkness774d ago


Do you seriously think we want to go on that so-called "hate train"?? Come on bro, GTFO with that sh1t!
Everybody was excited for cyberpunk, but as you can see.. Or not.. This game has so many technical issues on last gen consoles that it's just an utter embarrassment and a Slap in the face to us console gamers! It's so bad that Sony removed it from the psn store!? 🤯 And yet you talk as if our complaints are nonsense?! Really??

SullysCigar774d ago

He's just written a half-assed 'devil's advocate' article to try to get the clicks.

RgR774d ago

Both Sony and Microsoft made changes to refunds etc...after talks initiated by CDPR

Master of Unlocking773d ago (Edited 773d ago )

Truthfully... Sony did not remove Cyberpunk 2077 from the Playstation Store until AFTER CD Projekt Red announced in a tweet that they could get a refund from Sony.
Giving money back is not something they like at Sony Playstation, I know first hand, I experienced it, it was for a PS2 game on the PS4 which falsely advertised a feature that wasn't there.

Anyway, I agree with the article's author. Many people had unrealistic expectations for the base PS4/Xbox One versions of Cyberpunk 2077. It's as if the PS3/Xbox 360 versions of Watch Dogs back in 2014 had been hyped to the most extreme level and people had been complaining that it looked nothing like the true versions (on PC, PS4, XBox One). C2077 seems to be so ambitious it should probably only have released on PC, PS5, and XBox Series X, and maybe released at an ulterior date on what now has to be called last-gen hardware.

That said, I'm still hellbent on getting it and playing it on my PS4 Pro. It can already be found in second hand and, If or when I get a PS5, I'll get the true version at some point later on at no additional cost. How cool is that.

Baza774d ago (Edited 774d ago )

I guess we’re spoiled by the high quality games of Sony first party studios. And not incessantly experiencing game breaking bugs.

774d ago
Army_of_Darkness774d ago (Edited 774d ago )


And what did Sony do afterwards? Closed down that studio cause it didn't meet the standards of Sony's other first party studios on release even though its a much better game now.

Rambokind774d ago

Ladies and gents, fanboism to a tee.

Shiore2u774d ago (Edited 774d ago )

Calling this game an RPG is a stretch. It's about as much of an RPG as modern Far Cry is, and equal in what little depth resides.

blake0018774d ago

why does so many people disagree with this it is a great point the games good but we forced them to push it out before it was ready and u all had crazy expectations

SullysCigar774d ago

Umm...'we' did what, now?! Lmao

IamFrasierCrane774d ago

Expecting a game you purchase to be functional is not a crazy expectation.

Vx_774d ago

The game problem isn't just the bugs, the whole system and mechanics are crap. AI is the worst I've ever seen, NPCs are dumb, the cops are dumber, the crafting is boring and useless at most, the side quests are insignificant, the character is way too overpowered and this game has major balancing issues. Oh, and btw, the game "endings" only are affected by the choices you make in the very final act. so whatever you choose throughout the whole game doesn't really matter, and they have cut many of the contents and fall short on their "immersive open-world" promises. So they not only need to fix the issues and bugs, but to rework the whole system of the game, Ai, balancing, and mechanics and add all the missing contents.

They've clearly spent money on marketing, hyping the game, and on Keanu reeves instead of the Game itself. Such an epic fail of the year. And I'm sure it will win ZERO award, maybe the most disappointed and messy AAA launching game of the decade

NomadR3aper774d ago

Is that what gamers should expect from now on? We should purchase a new game and expect that it will be "improved" in the future?. When I purchase a game I expect it to function and to look like the footage they showed us. This new-gen copy you speak of has no release date so...

neutralgamer1992774d ago

You are right GTA5 is better because it ran fine on ps3/xbox 360. Runs better on ps4/xbox one and will run amazing on ps5/xbox series x. So yeah cyberpunk isn't GTA and CDPR aren't R*. Because R* would have delayed this game. Some of you are trying way to hard to defend this crap

They didn't allow personally recorded gameplay footage before the release because they knew the shape this game was in.(so how is this in gamers expectations)

They didn't allow console reviews and tried to trick people with pc footage(how is that related to gamers expectations)

They released a game full of bugs and glitches and general game crashes along with bad optimization (once again I ask how is this related to gamers expectations)

Some of you defending this BS (and yes this is BS because CDPR themselves admitted they shouldn't have released this) are the same gamers who hate on other big publishers like EA, UBI etc. Can't have it both ways and please don't be a hypocrite

Does not matter if it's your favorite developer favorite game end of the day if any developer/publisher tries to take advantage of gamers we as a community should not try to defend that and call it out the way is supposed to be. This game has major issues even on next-gen platforms along with high-end PC's so at the very least it is very badly optimized

Yes gamers had high expectations because this game was revealed back in 2012 that's before the launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. So at that time their target was PlayStation 4 and Xbox one so now don't tell me they did not know what these consoles were capable of. there was a simple solution to this they could have released the PC version and delayed the console versions till next year

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Godmars290774d ago

Its our fault that a publisher did something to make the most money at the cost of quality rather than do a staged release which likely would have meant the XB1/PS4 versions came last?

neutralgamer1992774d ago

Exactly for those who are saying they should have delayed the last generation versions don't understand the fact that the last generation console install base is 150 plus million. They did not want to give up on that big piece of the pie so don't blame gamers expectations its the publisher being greedy

Smok91774d ago (Edited 774d ago )

Imagine preordering a game and then being disappointed. Imagine doing it twice lmao. Didn’t preorder even after getting PS5 because delays didn’t equate to me thinking I should pay before it comes out.

Ashunderfire86774d ago

Last generation can play Red Dead 2 and GTA 5 with more advanced A.I. Hold my beer 🍺

Obelisk92774d ago (Edited 774d ago )

The game is an RPG as Horizon Zero Dawn is, nothing more.

There's nothing groundbreaking about it, I don't know why we HAVE to give them credit and wait for them to make it better.

It was a big let down for me. Just an average story with good shooting and a dead world around it.

(I'm playing on PC, almost no problems with bugs)

774d ago
DrShoe773d ago

I believe the phrase commonly used for folks like you Neo111 is "bootlicker". You're so eager to consume (more product), and follow the PR spin, that you unable to realise when you're being taken advantage of. I guess now we know how there can be whales for the mobile market.

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Toiletsteak774d ago

"People’s Unrealistic Expectations"

So is it unrealistic to want the game to run smooth? Is it unrealistic to want the game to not be as buggy? No one is asking for ALL the bugs to be gone they just want a better experience.

solideagle774d ago (Edited 774d ago )

I had the most unrealistic Expectation.

I wanted this game to be as good as Witcher 3 and I didn't even think about bugs because I knew CDPR is top dev.
I wanted this game to succeed because I thought CDPR is the only dev which is not scummy/liar or money hungry.
I wanted this game to succeed because imo CDPR was the only company which had competition for Bathesda.
I wanted this game to show single player open world games still rocks and it can still innovate.

These are some of my expectations...I am so disappointed in myself that why did I have these unrealistic expectations. :(

RgR774d ago

To your 4 points.

1. Witcher 3 had plenty of just ignored it. Besides bugs this game is very much enjoyed by nearly everyone.
2. CDPR is giving the game free for next gen if you purchased the current/last gen version. Probably realized it wouldnt run very well and did that specifically for that purpose. Otherwise they could just charge again for next gen. Theyre also open to and helping facilitate refunds for any who was disappointed. Doesnt sound like things money hungry devs would do.
3. Bethesda makes very different games than CDPR.
4. Witcher 3 showed that and so does this one....What do you mean by innovate as innovation is a term thrown around without much meaning.

JEECE774d ago

"You are well within your rights to be mad about bugs or subpar performance on last-gen machines"

The article is talking about the people who expect the game to be a full on life simulator, not the people mad about the framerate.

anast774d ago

@ JEECE Hate post on you again, but the article is titled "The Biggest Problem..." People's life sim expectations are not the biggest problem. The whole piece is inane.

monkey602774d ago

Does nobody remember the behind doors demo being called the next greatest thing by the media.

How it blew every other preview ever out of the water. That it was going to be the greatest game in history and evolve the format hugely.

That amazing demo we weren't allowed see.

Yeah the unrealistic expectations were there from the beginning and it is entirely on games media to blame

The launch of a dodgy product is down to CDPR

Ashunderfire86774d ago

An last year when they announced that Keanu Reeves was in the game! That setup high expectations even more. Just wanted to know how much they had to cut to include Keanu Reeves in the budget?

kfk773d ago

The media didn't invent that out of nowhere; CDPR demoed stuff that's just not in the game anymore. There was a really popular post on the cyberpunk subreddit yesterday detailing many dozens of removed features, even with time stamps to where it was shown in the public gameplay trailer.

SimpleSlave774d ago (Edited 774d ago )

That's all? Oh, good! I thought it was because it was a broken piece of shit mess.

Silly me. In that case, insta buy, GOTY!!!

👍👌So Sad!!!👌👍

Spartacus10774d ago

If a significant number of customers find a product unsatisfactory for the same reason, that is not unfair in any way whatsoever to the manufacturer of the product. It just means that the product isn't good enough and needs to be fixed or refunded.

Inverno774d ago

Expectations brought on by media hype over the last 8 years? Funny how that works huh. Also you're mixing up expecting a product to WORK with whatever people expected the game to be. Most already agree there's a great game under all the broken.

JEECE774d ago (Edited 774d ago )

"You are well within your rights to be mad about bugs or subpar performance on last-gen machines"

This article is clearly responding to the people saying the game sucks regardless of the technical issues. Like people are getting really hung up on the driving AI not being like GTA, and that the game sucks because of that, even on a PC running the game well.