Sephiroth Release Date, Geno Costume & More Revealed During Smash Bros. Presentation

Nintendo held a live-streamed presentation today that was hosted by none other than the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director, Masahiro Sakurai, to reveal more Sephiroth gameplay and release date.

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Eidolon149d ago

Yes! He goes so much into detail it's crazy. I clicked this article on N4G at random, because Sephiroth, and not disappointed. Makes me want a Switch to play Smash again.. haven't played since Wii.

Snookies12149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Smash Ultimate is amazing man... Definitely the best in the series. It has an absurd number of characters, stages, music and customization. And Sephiroth is clearly going to be broken. The amount of utility at his disposal is just insane. He has so many unique traits to him, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if people want him banned from tournaments though, haha. Just based off this presentation.

If you have a good bit of spare income though, definitely pick up a Switch. I don't play it super often, but I've had it for a good while now and I've really enjoyed my time on it. Especially in Smash with some friends.

TGGJustin149d ago

I really don't understand the point of the early unlock event. If you can unlock and play as him and the stage today then why is the official date not today then? You have to own the DLC anyway to play the early unlock event. It really makes no sense at all

phoenixwing149d ago

how dare you question someone's decision from nintendo *hits disagree* that's what i think happened with your two disagrees xD

curtain_swoosh149d ago

true, but you dont have to do it if you dont want to play him early.
but i get your point. its probably just a fun little thing they did

Teflon02149d ago

Yeah, but kinda silly when you're paying for a character pass. Generally I'd agree though. Should have been a event to get a little bonus for him like say an extra music track in the game or costume etc.

curtain_swoosh149d ago

such a good video, laughed alot during his commentary xD