The Callisto Protocol devs: 'We did it with Dead Space and we'll do it again'

The Callisto Protocol developer recently held a Q&A on the game's Discord channel and they talked about the PS5 and Xbox Series X, Dead Space, co-op, setting, and more.

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Rambokind184d ago

They sure will. EA will rue the day they left Dead Space to rot. A horrible company.

Ninver184d ago

EA is just pure filth. Them and Konami are my most disliked publishers in gaming. So many memorable IPs have gone to sh1t with their involvement.

Kabaneri184d ago

Looks great, glad to see horror genre making a comeback this gen.

SullysCigar184d ago

It was plentiful last gen, but you might have missed it if you didn't have VR. Some great ones!

zacfoldor184d ago

For real hype. Dead Space was fantastic! I’ll never forget the dynamic suit that showed resources as LEDs going down the spine. Reminds me of the winds in Ghosts of Tsushima. Immersion in a horror game is truly gamechanging. I’ve always wished Capcom would’ve followed the dead space path after RE4.

Sirk7x180d ago

Dead Space STILL looks amazing to this day. What a masterpiece.