A Cyberpunk game that won't disappoint: Observer System Redux Accolades Trailer

While many might have felt let down with Cyberpunk 2077 dependent on their system of choice (we’ve even refused to review it), there’s one Cyberpunk game that hasn’t disappointed.
Observer: System Redux was released alongside the Xbox Series X|S and improved on the original 2017 release in just about every way.

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SullysCigar114d ago

The best thing is that this game has EXCELLENT implementation of the DualSense controller from launch on PS5. The devs really thought about it and it makes a real difference in a game like this.

As for that 'other' Cyberpunk game...we'll have to see what they come up with regarding haptics and adaptive triggers, but they could sure learn a lot from playing Observer System Redux!

Thundercat77113d ago

The game is not available on PS4 and the article has a PS4 tag.

Gatsu113d ago

Great game for sure, but it sucks that the greedy developers ask people to buy Redux again on Steam even if you got the original. Pretty much all developers give a free upgrade and this should be like that.

krzysiek113d ago

Too much work went into this for a free upgrade.