EVE Online Shooter Announced By Sperasoft And CCP Games

A spinoff online shooter set in the EVE Online universe is in the works. The game is being developed by EVE Online creator CCP Games alongside porting and co-development studio Sperasoft. More details will be released in the coming weeks.

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ArchangelMike399d ago

I'll be interested in how they implement it this time round. I still remember their efforts on a FPS for the PS3. Needles to say it didn't get off the ground.

Father__Merrin398d ago

The ps3 spinoff was an OK game that like you said didn't take off

DaReapa398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

"Needles to say it didn't get off the ground"
Intentional pun? 😊
Having said that, I wonder if it will coexist in the EVE universe as Dust 514 did, with the planet battles taking place in one game while, simultaneously, the space battle taking place in the other?

ArchangelMike398d ago

That was always the intention, but I don' think the hardware back then could realise the full vision. Hopefully 2nd times a charm - especially as we have 'next'-next gen consoles now as compare tot eh PS3 era.