Will Smith Surprises 14-Year-Old Cancer Patient With PlayStation 5

Gamingbible writes: Will Smith is without a doubt an American national treasure. The 52-year-old actor is the life and soul of so many films and TV shows, and that's without mentioning the guy's music career too. It doesn't matter if your intro to his work was through The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Bad Boys, you're almost certainly fond of the legend, and with his new Snapchat series, he has proven once again that he's just a straight-up good human.

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GamerBeast19821077d ago

Now stuff like this is good . Screw giving to all these nobody youtube idiots who don't deserve free stuff. Im all for things like this i would happily give to people like this compared to a single penny to a streamer.

Inverno1077d ago

Not to rain on your good mood, but mainstream celebs are just as stupid as online influencers. They both do these sorts of things and most of the time it's all just publicity stunts to make themselves look good. Good for the kid, he can enjoy it for as long as he can and with any hope maybe for even longer but I couldn't care less that Will Smith gave it to him just as same if Ninja would've done it

King Nezz1077d ago

Give me a break. Hear a Will Smith interview and tell me he isn't a decent guy. I can see him being charitable to deserving or people in need. Comparing a streamer like Ninja to Will Smith is ridiculous.

Inverno1077d ago

You know what celebrities want you to know, you base your knowledge on em through interviews but you don't know how they are away from cameras. He could be a decent guy, but you can't know him personally through interviews. Don't be naive people

1077d ago
MrBelasco1077d ago

But in the end the kid still gets some much needed joy in his life, let's focus on that.

Inverno1077d ago

I have no respect for Will Smith idk the guy personally so idc about him or Ninja either way. My point was that celebrities can and are just as stupid if not more stupid than online influencers. I wasnt necessarily talking bad about Will. Everyone getting their panties in a bunch for someone they only know through what the cameras show. My point flew over all your head's just cause of your perception of a celebrity who you owe nothing to either way

kayoss1077d ago

Man, i feel sorry for you. Majority of the celebrities are very charitable because most celebrities knows the hardship of either knowing someone or have someone they love affected by illness such as cancer. Most celebrities grew up poor and now that they are well off, they are giving back and trying to help others. Contrary to beliefs, celebrities cant help everyone, but what they can do is make people aware that there are people who are really struggling and clawing through life.

Celebrities who have publicity stunts are celebrities who grew up with a silver spoon in their mouths. Celebrities who never knew the struggle of scrapping by. I will give you two examples. The Kardashians, when they have some charitable events, theres always a personal financial agenda. Just google their history. The other person, is Donald Trump.

King Nezz1077d ago


I would hope in this day in age, adults can piece together a person's sincerity on how they sound, talk and make facial expressions. Not saying you need to know them from head to toe. But you should have an idea considering all the corruption, greed and barbarity going on in the world. If you can't tell a good guy from a bad guy, especially a celebrity who's very wealthy from movies and music and who has been in the spotlight for many years, I feel bad for your future endeavors.

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ClayRules20121077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Amen! I genuinely love hearing stories like this, it’s heartwarming.

God bless you, Aidan! May he continue to protect you, comfort, heal, and speak to you every moment of everyday, with his love, strength, wisdom, and grace and mercy, which is new every single morning and a blessing!🙏🏼Muc h love to his father and family as well!

Enjoy it, buddy!

northpaws1077d ago

can we just appreciate someone without shitting on the others? why turn a positive news into a fight?

BLow1077d ago

It's really sad when someone does something nice, celebrities or whomever, and someone has something negative to say. It's really sad reading some of your responses.

People just can't be happy and positive, they have to throw their negative feelings into the situation.

This is why I don't like to comment on here too much anymore.

This is a good thing and that's it. Leave it at that...

Neonridr1077d ago

I mean those youtube idiots do work very hard at what they do. Most of them also donate their time and money to various good causes as well. I get what you are saying, but it isn't as simple as you make it out to be.

GamerBeast19821076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

Yeah i mean sitting on your ass and playing videogames or reaction to videos or for the girls showing a bit of flesh to get thousands off people is really hard work. Love to see them try and do 12 hour shifts in a factory. But i admit and respect to the odd few that actually do something useful mind like going out there helping others vids and such.

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FunAndGun1077d ago

Enjoy your new PS5 young man, you deserve all the smiles.

Einhander19711077d ago

What an amazing gesture, hope he really enjoys it :)

moriarty18891077d ago

made that kids day. wonderful to see things like this.

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