What if The Callisto Protocol actually takes place in the Dead Space Universe?

Could Striking Distance Studios The Callisto Protocol actually exist in the Dead Space universe? Given the references, we're inclined to think so.

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ArchangelMike307d ago

Dead Space. Please don't remind me. One of the best horror game franchise (I even loved Dead Space 3). Complete travesty what EA did to that franchise. I would love for a remaster ala Demon's Souls.

Great artile btw, I missed all those references. I doubt we'd be able to revisit the Ishimura though. :)

-Foxtrot307d ago

It's even worse because EA saw how we felt with Capcom over Resident Evil becoming this over the top action shooter where the latest games at the time were focusing on co-op and despite this they were like "Gee Whiz, even though we can clearly see people are ticked off at Capcom, giving us a bigger audience as they come to us for their horror fix, lets do exactly what they are doing for Dead Space 3"

It just didn't make sense at all. It was franchise suicide, they even ruined the story for me, Dead Space was a little over the top but DS3 just took things to a new level.

DJStotty307d ago

EA have killed a lot of studios over the years, westwood studios with command and conquer, visceral with dead space, bullfrog with dungeon keeper (old but good game), dreamworks with medal of honor.

So many great franchises laying dormant, while they pump out the yearly money grabbing crap.

DragonWarrior19305d ago

Didin't they already confirmed that it takes place in the PUBG universe for no real logical reason?